October 2001

Beyond A Boutique

by Tracey Longo

Earl Wright built a billion-dollar advisory firm. Now he‚s taking over a bank trust unit.

The Style Police Are Watching

by Steve Savage

Advisors and investors often restrain fund managers, but does that detract from value?

How He Plays The Game

by Raymond Fazzi

Advisor Joseph N. Geier has built a practice that primarily caters to baseball players.

Estate Planning: The Advisor as CFO

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Advisors who coordinate estate planning strengthen client relationships.

Is It Cheap Yet?

by J. Michael Martin

Here‚s how we explain P/E ratios to our clients.

A Simpler Way To Give

by Raymond Fazzi

Donor-advised funds explode in popularity as a means for charitable giving.

Concerns Raised Over Annuity Premiums

by Alan Lavine

Some question whether insurers are reserving enough for guaranteed benefits.

Longer Life Spans Mean Cheaper Premiums

by Raymond Fazzi

Insurance companies are relaxing life insurance rules and rates for older clients.

Part Art, Part Science


Advisors take many approaches to setting fees for their work.

Welcome To The CFP World, Mr. Garday

by Tracey Longo

Some advisors worry about the ambitious growth goals of the CFP Board‚s CEO.

Royce's Goal: Safety First

by Marla Brill

Downside protection is paramount for fund manager Charles Royce.

Resolving Problems In The Office

by Eva Marer

Advisors give high marks to Commonwealth's practice-management efforts.

PIMCO Awaits Dark Before Dawn

by Mimi Lord

High-yield manager finds some bargains but awaits further markdowns.

Where Is The Consolidation Wave?


The prediction that small, independent shops would be forced to merge hasn‚t panned out.

Advisor Emporium


Charitable-Trust Services Available To LPL Reps Renaissance, the nation‚s largest charitable-trust administrator, will be providing services to registered representatives of...

Editor's Note


The Day The World Changed September 14, 2001 Sometimes, world events change all of our lives and dwarf what happens in the financial services business...

Frontline News


FPA Nixes Conference After Terrorists Attacks; Advisors Worry About Clients The terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon forced the cancellation of...