January 2002

The Boy Wonder Grows Up

by Tracey Longo

For two decades, Bill Carter was the poster child for financial planning with integrity. Now, he‚s become highly successful.

Waiting For The CPA Explosion

by Raymond Fazzi

Some still feel that accountants are poised to move into financial planning in a big way...

Affluent Investors' Take On 2002: Optimistic

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Most think the values of their portfolios will go up over the next year...

Deja Bear All Over Again

by J. Michael Martin

Murph says it feels a little like January 2000. In the final quarter of 2001, America hosted a remarkable stock market rally in the face of extraordinary economic and political uncertainty.

Institutional Funds Beat Retail Cousins

by Alan Lavine

Based on averages, the institutional choice is a better bet...

Socially Conscious Investing Proliferates

by Raymond Fazzi

SRI funds show up in more qualified plans, and clients are noticing. Enthusiasts call them socially responsible investments (SRIs). Agnostics call them socially conscious investments.

Are They A Trap Or An Opportunity?

by Gregory Bresiger

Junk bonds have enticing yields, but their prices have swooned. September was the cruelest month for junk bonds, snaring investors and some advisors in a trap.

Where There's A Will, There's A Way

by Roy M. Adams

Estate planning is crucial in these uncertain times...

Life Insurance Servicing After Purchase

by Russ Alan Prince and Richard L. Harris

Your clients–and your business–depend on it. Without proper follow-through, the implementation of a life insurance program is an incomplete process.

More Advisors Start Sharing Ownership

by Eric L. Reiner

Letting key employees buy into the firm can leverage its strengths...

Commissions Are Alive And Well


They won‚t disappear, although fees are the rage. These days, Dave Graffagnino sees himself as a dinosaur.

Taxes, Insurance, Life Planning Gain Prominence

by Raymond Fazzi

Advisors now are looking beyond asset management...

Take An Index, Then Improve It

by Olivia Barbee

North Track Funds tries to make a good thing better. Apart from differences in fees, an index fund is an index fund is an index fund. Right?

Light In The Darkness

by A Financial Advisor Staff Report

It may be a bear market, but advisors feel more needed than ever...

Don't Overlook Hedge Funds

by Daniel A. Strachman

Advisors snookered by the media may be short-changing their clients...

Advisor Emporium


Fidelity Introduces Practice-Management Tools Fidelity Investments Institutional Brokerage Group has launched PracticeAdvantage, an integrated suite of practice-management...

Editor's Note


Happy New Year Financial advisors, like many other Americans, may emerge from 2001 stronger, wiser and more aware of all the things for which they have to be thankful...

Frontline News


Frontline News Market Drop Blamed For Rise In Investor Complaints The number of investor complaints increased by more than 25% last year, with 700 new...

Letters to the Editor


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