March 2002

Core and Satellite

by Raymond Fazzi

Why they are the latest rage David Diesslin has been using alternative investments for some 20 years now, so he‚s not surprised that hedge funds, private equity and the like are the new rage...

Hedging Clients' Bets

by Tracey Longo

Will advisors‚ clients come out winners? The world of alternative investments is exploding, and no product is hotter than hedge fund of funds.

Help Your Clients Rethink Their 401(k)s

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

While Enron is still front-page news, talk to your clients about their plans. Few subjects have consumed as much newsprint and airtime of late as the Enron 401(k) crisis.

The Outstanding Advisor

by J. Michael Martin

Our obligation is to be well-read. Leonardo da Vinci, painter of the Mona Lisa, also invented the helicopter, parachute, submarine and extension ladder.

Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

by Clifford S. Asness

Are stocks cheap? No way...

Small-Cap Outlook Remains Vibrant


Observers say an improving economy should help performance. For a long time, small-cap funds were like struggling actors: A few got leading roles, but most were playing bit parts.

Variable Annuities Slump With Market

by Raymond Fazzi

Issuers add ‘bells and whistles‚ to spark sales.

What Hath Trusts Wrought For Investment Advisors?

by Roy M. Adams

The law can work to your clients‚–and your–advantage.

The Search Is On For Higher Yields

by Alan Lavine

Low interest rates cause advisors to seek new choices for retired clients.

Lower Interest Rates Benefit Estate Planning

by Eric L. Reiner

Knowing what provides optimal tax breaks for clients is the trick.

Planning For The Unthinkable

by Raymond Fazzi

Advisors say clients are a tough sell when it comes to disability insurance.

Growing For Miles And Miles

by Tracey Longo

Miles Gordon wants to streamline ING Advisors Network.

Prescription For Profits?

by Marla Brill

In the short term, the health-care sector faces serious challenges.

Wallflowers No More

by Olivia Barbee

A strong case for small-value stocks.

Financial Literacy

by Richard B. Wagner

That must be our goal when it comes to clients.

Managed Account Quarterly

by Stephen D. Gresham

Managed Accounts: Are They The Right Fit For You?

Advisor Emporium


GoldK Offering More Retirement Services To Advisors GoldK, a company based in Waltham, Mass...

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Quality Counts When we at Charter Financial Publishing Network launched Financial Advisor two years ago, we had some definite ideas about creating a new kind of magazine with...

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FPA Seeking Advisors For NFL Players The National Football League Players Association is going on a recruitment drive-for talented financial advisors...