April 2002

Sharpe Focus


Nobel laureate Bill Sharpe talks about changing perspectives on retirement.

The New Retirement Reality

by Raymond Fazzi

Talks with clients now often aren‚t about double-digit growth and early retirements–they‚re about protecting assets and working longer.

Relationship Building Prevails Over Money Management

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Clients need, and want, communication with their advisors.

A Beautiful Recession

by J. Michael Martin

Things are not always as they seem.

What's In A Word?

by Gregory Bresiger

Not much in the big tent of growth funds.

The Great Diversifier

by Raymond Fazzi

REITs‚ strong returns in a down market are attracting attention.

State Fiscal Woes May Hurt Muni-Bond Returns

by Alan Lavine

Still, many states have taken steps to limit the damage.

We've Met The Rich Enemy

by Greg Bresiger

They is us, according to the AMT regulations.

Creation Of The Value Ladder

by Leo J. Pusateri

Answer seven questions and give yourself the competitive edge.

Time On His Hands

by Tracey Longo

Smart management has many rewards for Steve Cassaday.

The Impact Of Lower Returns

by Olivia Barbee

What a less-generous equity market might mean for advisors.

Taming The Interest-Rate Beast

by Marla Brill

Bond fund manager minimizes the damage by making varied investments.

House Call

by Eva Marer

Collaborative online tool may be just what the doctor ordered.

Disappearing Subsidy

by Mark Hurley and Tom Fuller

Want a surprise? Put your firm under the cost-accounting microscope.

Advisor Emporium


Oppenheimer Introduces More Hedge Funds OppenheimerFunds Inc. has launched a series of multimanager hedge funds for investors...

Editor's Note


Contrarian Wisdom Within a few days after our March issue mailed last month, I arrived at work to find a letter on my desk...

Frontline News


Enron: The Watergate Of Financial Services The ripples of the Enron collapse have shaken investors‚ confidence in the stock market and the believability of corporate...