July 2002

Niche Practices

by Raymond Fazzi

Janet Briaud has built a successful business planning for college professors. Other advisors are finding specialties, too.

Author Aspirations

by Tracey Longo

Planners who have written books say it‚s the best and worst experience of their lives.

Streamlining An Advisory Practice, Part 3

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

A look at wealth management and the evolving business model.

A Roof Over Their Heads

by J. Michael Martin

Helping retirees with housing decisions.

Discovering Your Value: Who Are You?

by Leo Pusateri

Step No. 1: Begin your introspective journey up the value ladder.

Shifting Values

by Tracey Longo

Investor attitudes in turbulent times was a main topic at the ICI conference.

Betting On A Hedge

by Raymond Fazzi

LJH Global Investments is capitalizing on the surging interest in hedge funds.

Who Will Snag Retirees?

by Tracey Longo

Pending legislation may put independent advisors at a big disadvantage.

Lessons From A Bear Market

by Deena Katz

Reading client behavior and modifying it is key to the new environment.

National Reality Check For Investors


New research reveals investors are reprioritizing their lives.

Understanding VUL Policies

by Joseph W. Maczuga

Hypothetical projections used to sell them are misleading. Here‚s why.

Acting Like An Owner

by Marla Brill

Mutual Shares manager David J. Winters isn‚t afraid of a proxy fight.

In The Real World, Nothing's Free

by Mark Hurley

Schwab soon won‚t be the only one charging for referrals.

Advisor Emporium


ADVISORport Acquires RunMoney ADVISORport has acquired RunMoney Corp...

Editor's Note


Turn Of The Screw There are few more definitive tests of the character of a person, business or profession than how they respond to adversity...

Frontline News


Advent Buys Techfi For $23 Million Advent Software Inc. has bought Techfi Corp. for $23 million, in a move that further consolidates its position in the portfolio management...