January 2003

Beyond 'Warm Bodies'

by Kathryn A. Gigler

Invest in support staff for a greater pay off.

Custodians Try To Smooth Out Market's Bumps

by Raymond Fazzi

With client assets shrinking and profit margins narrowing, it was no doubt tough for registered investment advisors last year–with no clear signals of an improvement in 2003...

Discovering Your Value

by Leo Pusateri

In my last column [November 2002], we discussed the third step on the Value Ladder, "Why Do You Do What You Do."

Providing For Fido

by Gail Liberman

Have you added Fifi or Fido to your client‚s estate plan checklist? Animal lovers are howling to find out.

The Fortune 500 vs. The S&P 500

by C. Michael Carty and Herbert D. Blank

Investment professionals have traditionally regarded the Standard & Poor‚s 500 Index as the best proxy for U.S. large-cap blue-chip stocks...

A Smart Idea For Giving To Charities-And Family

by Roy M. Adams

Investment-driven estate planning comes into play when fulfilling a client‚s dispositive wishes depend upon investment results, so the two become inextricably woven together.

Independent Brokerages See Recruiting Pick Up

by Raymond Fazzi

As the entire financial services industry struggles with an unsteady market and economy, broker-dealers find themselves in the same plight as many of their reps...

Inheriting IRAs

by Tracey Longo

Here‚s how to make sure it‚s clients–not the IRS–who get IRA windfalls.

Interior Finance

by Richard B. Wagner

Polite people don‚t talk about money or their relationships with it. Personal priorities, love, feelings, values, psychology, spirituality in a financial context? Please. It is just not done...

Making A Move


How advisors can help clients decide if relocating is worthwhile.

More Sweat, More Equity


A study shows advisors‚ incomes are rising, despite the financial markets.

No Place Like Home

by J. Michael Martin

Efficient-market theoreticians have long maintained that there are two reasons American investors should invest some of their money overseas: diversification into non-correlated markets and exposure...

No One Was Listening

by Gregory Bresiger

Former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt lambastes the Street.

The Paradox Behind Your Firm's Profitability


It‚s no secret that global business profitability has undergone a wrenching adjustment across a broad range of industries in the last three years...


by Eric L. Reiner

How advisors can bring families together and ease conflicts over wealth.

Taming Taxes

by Marla Brill

What do you do if you manage a tax-sensitive mutual fund that usually bypasses stocks with high dividends, but you want the stability and bear market resilience those same stocks offer?

Still A Tough Sell

by Caren Chesler

Retirees and near-retirees have watched their stock and IRA accounts erode before their eyes for three years in a row.

What The Affluent Are Thinking

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

For many top financial advisors, job one is knowing what their affluent clients are thinking–and fretting–about...

Advisor Emporium


Fidelity Adds Business-Building Services For Advisors Fidelity Investments Institutional Brokerage Group has launched the PracticeAdvantage Web portal, a business-building...

Editor's Note


A Time For Thanks The end of one year and the beginning of another is usually an excellent time to step back and take stock of where you‚ve been and where you are...

Frontline News


Harris Direct Institutional To Buy Sullivan Bruyette Harris direct Institutional has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Sullivan Bruyette Speros &...