May 2003

Old Money Vs. New Money

by Jim Grote

Almost a century ago in a world inhabited by our grandparents, the chasm between old money and new money seemed unbridgeable, as wide as the Pacific Ocean...

Small Business, Big Stakes


A business appraisal could make an enormous difference in assessing your clientís financial plans.

The Impact Of Inheriting Millions

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

What inheritors want to invest inóand how money changes people.

Geraldo, Bill and Cyrus

by J. Michael Martin

Geraldo Rivera is a former Vietnam war protester who told millions on TV recently that he has lived to regret his earlier political posture.

Value Ladder Step Six: What Makes You Different?

by Leo Pusateri

In his last column [March 2003], Pusateri discussed the fifth step on the Value Ladder: "Who Do You Do it For?" Let‚s climb to the next step now.

Taking The Reins


Financial advisors are now playing a central role in the way state-sponsored 529 college savings plans are marketed.

Financail Advisor's 2003 529 Plan Guide

by Karen Burke

Financail Advisor's 2003 529 Plan Guide ...

Morningstar Enters Separate Accounts Data Game

by Gregory Bresiger

More light is about to shine on the booming separately managed account business, which has emerged as a major growth area for the financial advisory industry.

Safe Havens Abound

by Alan Lavine

Despite puny bond yields, options exist for nervous advisors and clients.

Tackling Tricky Mortgage Issues

by Raymond Fazzi

With interest rates at 40-year lows and mortgage refinancing emerging as a powerful planning tool, financial advisors are no longer just indirect players when it comes to their clients‚...

What Do You Say Now?

by Tracey Longo

Long-time planner Kyra Hollowell Morris has started holding regular group bagel breakfasts for clients–a Saturday morning get together that allows both planner and investors to shoot from the...

Hedging His Bets

by Marla Brill

Although hedging strategies have helped Hussman Strategic Growth Fund thrive in a bear market, manager John Hussman‚s voice takes on an edge when he hears someone call it a "bear market" fund.

Custodians Wrestle With Retail Issues

by Raymond Fazzi

As the competition for client assets heats up in a tightening market, so too, it seems, does the tension between independent advisors and their custodians.

Taking The Big Challenge

by Raymond Fazzi

In hindsight, the appointment of Mark Goldberg as president of Royal Alliance in the spring of 2001 seems like a case of really, really bad timing.

A Rose By Any Other Name

by Herbert K. Daroff

I applaud the emergence of "life planning...

Advisor Emporium


College Improves CFP Courses With Practice Exams The American College will begin providing CD-ROM discs of practice exam questions to all students enrolled in the five...

Editor's Note


Have You Got A System? Could it finally be ending? What‚s it? This long, grinding, seemingly endless period of purging the excesses of the 1990s that has run its...

Frontline News


Advisors Off The Hot SeatóFor Now Advisors seem to be off the front burner of rulemaking at the Securities and Exchange Commission, at least for now, thanks to...