June 2003

Flying High In Stormy Weather

by Tracey Longo

Financial success may be advisors‚ true business, but it seems to be catching up to them.

Old Money Vs. New Money, Part 2

by Jim Grote

America‚s affluent are hardly a monolithic group that can be compartmentalized into a few categories.

Helping Your 50+ Clients Rethink Retirement

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

While it would be hard to single out any one age group as having suffered the greatest losses since the stock market downturn that began three years ago, pre-retirees, which the AARP defines as...

The Past Is Never Dead

by J. Michael Martin

This month‚s headline comes from a William Faulkner novel, Requiem for a Nun...

Old Sales Methods Are Dying

by Bill Bachrach

It‚s not unusual to wonder about the future–to consider what products may come and go, to speculate what new surprises the market has in store, to try to project clients‚ attitudes...

Averting A Bond Market Bubble Bath

by Marla Brill

With interest rates scraping bottom, the question is no longer if they will rise, but when...

Worth Banking On?

by Eric L. Reiner

Financial services stocks offer varying opportunities.

Investing For Relaxation?


For most people, the American dream of home ownership used to be fulfilled with just one house. Now a growing number of individuals find that the dream isn‚t complete until they own two.

eCommunications: Do They Work in a Falling Market?

by David J. Drucker

Living with technological change is old hat now. Everyone knows computers and related equipment get faster and more innovative every year while falling in price as if there were no bottom.

All Those Annuities

by Tracey Longo

When it comes to annuities there is good and bad news to report...

Life Insurance and Fee-Based Planning

by Raymond Fazzi

For fee-based financial advisors, the idea of suggesting a variable universal life insurance policy to a client is probably about as appealing as an Internet stock.

Connecting With Heirs After Clients Die

by Marla Brill

When Christopher Mogil inherited a sizable trust from his grandmother‚s estate at age 23, he planned to continue using her financial advisor...

Hard Assets, Real Returns

by Marla Brill

In the world of mutual funds, you can‚t get a purer play on commodity prices than Oppenheimer Real Asset...

Advisors' Custodians Play Musical Chairs

by Raymond Fazzi

Times were when providers of custodial services wondered how long their financial advisor clients would stay in business. Now the tables have turned.

Full Speed Ahead

by Tracey Longo

These days, growing a successful broker-dealer that can keep its head above water at the same time it attracts top-flight advisors is no easy task. Richard G...

Managed Accounts

by Scott A. MacKillop

The separately managed accounts (SMA) industry has shown strong growth in recent years, but this growth is actually driven by a relatively small number of advisors...

The Grand Canyon

by Russell Wild

My blind date‚s name was Paula. Mutual friends knew that she and I were both recently divorced. And they knew that we were both somehow in the world of finance...

Advisor Emporium


Morningstar Adds New Categories Morningstar is rolling out 11 new categories and eliminating one this month...

Editor's Note


Donaldsonís Next Test What a difference one person can make...

Frontline News


Advisor, Consumer Groups Urge SEC to Regulate Brokers A broad coalition of financial advisor and consumer groups is trying to renew an effort to strengthen the...