August 2003

The Odd Couple


John Olmstead and Judy Lau merged firms because their practices were different yet complementary.

Accounting For Success

by Raymond Fazzi

Buckingham Asset Management and its sister firm, BAM Advisory Services, are proving that accountants can successfully make a transition to investment management.

Wealthy Women and Their Advisors

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Editor‚s Note: This is the second of three articles based on a recent survey of 743 women with at least $3 million in investable assets that examine: 1) who they are, 2) how they find and...

Cassandra Versus Efficient Market Theory

by J. Michael Martin

What a difference a century makes. As the 19th century segued into the 20th, Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) wandered the country as a hobo.

Six Steps To A ëYesí

by Bill Bachrach

Let‚s suppose you want to run a marathon six months from now...

Assessing Your Buyer

by David J. Drucker

If you‚ve looked into the sale of your practice–or even just daydreamed about it–then you‚ve undoubtedly thought about such things as down payments, earn-outs and multiples of...

New Allure For Defined Benefit Plans

by Eric L. Reiner

Changes in tax law enhance the appeal of these traditional pensions.

Another Payoff From Real Estate?


The strong real estate market in many areas of the country may be one reason that interest seems to be growing in 1031 exchanges, a technique used to defer capital gains taxes on the sale of...

A Pound of Prevention

by Jay B. Gould

A recent enforcement proceeding by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against a federally registered investment advisor should serve as notice to advisors of the seriousness with which the...

Brill's Spotlight

by Marla Brill

Like other value investors, John W. Rogers Jr., manager of Ariel Fund, looked pretty dull in the late 1990s compared with the hot aggressive growth hands around the mutual fund business.

The Pros and Cons of Multiple-Discipline Products

by Sydney LeBlanc

Multiple-Discipline Products (MDPs) continue to flourish–their share of SMA asset inflows has tripled since year-end 2000.

Custody Showdown

by Tracey Longo

Where investment advisors decide to custody their fee-based business is becoming a matter of some debate, thanks to an increasing number of new entrants and a decided retooling by established...

Independence Day

by Tracey Longo

What Long Island planner Doug Flynn wanted during his days at his former wirehouse was to serve his increasingly affluent clients and grow a business...

Building Client Relations On The Web

by Raymond Fazzi

When Edmond J. Walters went shopping for a software solution that would answer many of his financial planning and client relationship needs four years ago, he figured it would take some work.

ìThe Next Great Thing!î Part I

by by Richard B. Wagner

Discovering the next great thing has a cost: failure. The basic stumbling block is doing nothing, or doing nothing new.

Advisor Emporium


Fidelity Introduces Private Foundation Service For RIAs Boston-based Fidelity Investments has added services for private foundations to its Wealth-Access platform for...

Editor's Note


Business Isnít Always Fair This year‚s Morningstar conference in late June provided a glimpse of an industry that came so far so fast–only to be laid...

Frontline News


Garday Resigns As CFP Board CEO Louis J...