December 2003

Big Blunders's Soul

by Raymond Fazzi

Everyone makes mistakes, and top advisors tell us some of theirs...

Investment Outlook

by Tracey Longo

Where the best and brightest see things headed in 2004.

Professional Insights

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

This is the last of three articles based on our survey of 388 senior executives with at least $500,000 in investable assets...

Regarding Retirement

by J. Michael Martin

There is always opportunity, even in overheated markets.

Advice & Trust

by Bill Bachrach

It‚s simple math. A finite number of hours in the day translates into having only so much time to serve however many clients you take on.

Planners Urged To Raise The Bar

by Raymond Fazzi

The Financial Planning Association (FPA) has been on a mission to advance and enhance the professional status of the planning profession, and that was made abundantly clear in the kickoff of its...

A Look At Fair-Value Pricing

by Alan Lavine

Will fair-value pricing boost a foreign stock fund‚s performance by keeping market-timing arbitrageurs out of the fund?

The Sleeper That Soared

by Lynn O’Shaughnessy

In the universe of emerging-market finance, spectacular international flameouts are common...

Examining The Dividend Tipping Point

by Don Schreiber Jr.

As people begin to understand the administration‚s new tax policy, we‚re going to see a dynamic shift in investment philosophy–not just by professional advisors, but also by...

The Insurance Policy That Pays Off

by Greg Bresiger

Gold is suddenly glowing again. And this time, one can‚t call it a one-year fluke or blame it on high gold prices or runaway inflation rates.

So You Want To Charge Retaner Fees?

by David J. Drucker

Many years ago, my switch from fees based upon a percentage of assets under management to retainer fees had a dramatically positive effect on my practice.

Split-Dollar Regime Change 2004

by Eric L. Reiner

Some split-dollar insurance arrangements require action by December 31.

Qualified Plans Rock Through Bear Market


The rising demand for advice is changing the 401(k) business.

Whom Do You Trust?

by William S. Villafranco

Choosing the right trustee is key to creating a successful trust.

Tricks To Nail Down Low Mortgage Rates

by Gail Liberman

It pays to know every trick in the book about how your clients can lock in a good mortgage rate when rates rise.

Still Some Upside Left

by Marla Brill

Strong demand for junk bonds has some observers worried about an overheated market, and the prospect of higher interest rates is spooking many fixed-income investors.

Unified We Stand

by Sydney LeBlanc

Just when advisors and their clients thought they had the hang of separately managed accounts, two big players in the business, Smith Barney and Lincoln Financial Advisors, gave them another acronym...

Survey Stakes

by Richard B. Wagner

How they enable financial planning as we know it.

Advisor Emporium


New Communications System Will Help SMA Industry The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp...

Editor's Note


Expanding The Vision At last month‚s Financial Planning Association conference in Philadelphia, association leaders continued to define a vision of their changing...

Frontline News


Bear Market Crimps Advisor Income A new survey suggests that the bear market has forced the average planner to work harder for less money...