March 2004

One Financial Advisor's Journey

by Gregory Bresiger

If advisors have learned anything from the last market cycle, it‚s that they must be ready to stay with unpopular investment strategies and stick to their guns–even if it means losing...

Pace of Advisor M&A Accelerates

by Tracey Longo

Stories from the trenches: how buying and selling advisory firms is changing.

Professional Insights

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

The following article is adapted from the authors‚ new book, Wealth Management: The New Business Model for Financial Advisors.

Financial Entrepreneur

by Leo Pusateri

"An organization that truly believes in maximizing intellect can't have multiple cultures." –Jack Welch, Jack: Straight from the Gut

The Truth Behind Momentum Investing

by Lynn O’Shaughnessy

An impressive amount of academic evidence has documented the momentum phenomenon, which stubbornly defies explanation if you‚re a believer in efficient markets.

No Letup In Real Estate

by Raymond Fazzi

When the equity market sank during the three years leading up to 2003, investors were able to find some measure of comfort by moving money into REITs and other real estate investments.

Filling The Tax-Favored Dividend Void

by Marla Brill

Pockets of opportunity exist for investors.

Serving The Middle Market From A Lofty Perch

by David J. Drucker

Providing financial planning services for middle-income clients has become a hot topic and an even hotter market during the last few years.

Flex Accounts Under Consideration Again

by Raymond Fazzi

But doubts remain about whether Bush‚s proposals will be adopted.

Are You Really Managing For The Long Term?

by Eric L. Reiner

Restricted management accounts can improve returns.

Making The Grade With Variable Annuity Exchanges

by Tracey Longo

With the creation of one-shot wrinkle reducers like Botox, battery-operated automobiles and cloned humans, can a world where there is no need to replace variable annuities be far off?

Do Health Savings Accounts Have A Market?

by Marla Brill

So far they have enjoyed a better initial response than MSAs.

Was Last Year's Rally A Headfake?

by Marla Brill

Jeremy Grantham says yes, and thinks the bear market will return in 2005.

Morningstar's Workstation Gets More Power

by David J. Drucker

Morningstar Workstation 1.0 is a competent investment analysis tool, a Principia for the Web, if you will...

Call Plans Coordinated, Not Comprehensive

by Herbert K. Daroff

A significant role of a compliance department is to protect the representatives of its brokerage from undue liability exposure...

Advisor Emporium


Advisor Emporium Advent Launches Solution For Family Offices Advent Software Inc. in San Francisco has launched a software package for family offices...

Editor's Note


Winning The War Having just returned from TD Waterhouse‚s annual conference for advisors, I find it encouraging to see how vibrant the advisory business is today...

Frontline News


Levitt Disavows Brokers' RIA Exemption Former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt stunned attendees at TD Waterhouse's annual conference in...

Letters to the Editor


Letters To The Editor FLP Flaws Come From Implementation, Not Strategy In their October 2003 article "Are FLPs On The Road To Oblivion?" Mr. Darby and Ms...