April 2004



Diahann W. Lassus and Clare E. Wherley realized early on that women were worth targeting as clients.

Conservatism Rules In Retirement Planning

by Raymond Fazzi

After a traumatic four years marked by a recession, a war on terrorism and a market decline, many advisors are rethinking their retirement planning strategies.

Professional Insights

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

The following is excerpted from the authors‚ most recent book, Wealth Management: The New Business Model for Financial Advisors.

Advice & Trust

by Bill Bachrach

Peace of mind can also be profitable.

Seeing More Growth In Growth


Observers predict continuing opportunities in growth funds this year.

Recent Lessons From Behavioral Finance

by Marla Brill

Don‚t look for logic in the way investors act, say these experts.

Overseas Stock Funds Poised For Strong Performance

by Alan Lavine

Could international stocks be ready to outperform U.S. stocks for the first extended period since the 1980s?

Fund Industry Dilemma: Who Pays The Bills?

by Gregory Bresiger

There‚s no such thing as a free lunch in life or in the mutual fund business.

What You Should Know About Commodity Indexes

by Pauline P. Lam

Direct commodity investment has a place in every investment portfolio.

Fees And The Value Of Advice

by Roy Diliberto

We need to get paid for the value we bring to each relationship.

Advisors Reap Commissions From Mortgage Boom

by Gail Liberman

A few options provide opportunities for advisors to originate mortgages.

Bush Tax Proposals Would Affect College Saving


Financial advisor Gina Koprowski has no intention–at the moment–of changing her advice to clients when it comes to saving for college expenses...

Social Security Revisited

by Raymond Fazzi

Talk to an advisor about how they create a retirement plan for a client, and it‚s likely that you‚ll hear very little about Social Security benefits.

Living With The Rules

by David J. Drucker

How to keep the SEC happy without going out of business.

Wanted: Real Disclosure

by Tracey Longo

Rules on brokers compensation disclosure are changing–but slowly.

Mid-Cap Market Has Legs

by Marla Brill

Despite a strong move last year, mid-cap stocks still have more breathing room than other corners of the market, according to David Wallack, manager of T. Rowe Price‚s Mid-Cap Value Fund...

TD Waterhouse Comes Of Age

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

The mood at this year‚s TD Waterhouse Partnership 2004 National Conference, which took place February 4-7 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort in Orlando, Fla., was almost festive...

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

by Sydney LeBlanc

Are advisor marketing tools and business development what they should be?

CFP Board Has A Mission

by David Diesslin

But well-meaning observers perpetuate misconceptions.

Advisor Emporium


American General Establishes Independent Advisor Network AIG American General in Houston has launch the Independent Advisor Network (IAN) as part of a strategy to expand...

Editor's Note


Different From What? Evan Simonoff, Editor-in-Chief There are few more hackneyed homilies about investing and economics than "It‚s different this time...

Frontline News


Royal Alliance Ups Ante For OSJs AIG Advisor Group‚s Royal Alliance unit is raising the minimum production requirement for reps to open and manage their own office,...