July 2004

Revising The Rules Of Investing


Once in an occasional generation, some phenomenon or event occurs that permanently changes some of the basic rules of investing...

Taking Trust Services To The Limit

by Raymond Fazzi

Some advisors have built a strategy on making a complete transition from RIA to trust company.

Professional Insights

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Family owners have a different perspective, and may need different solutions.

Financial Entrepreneur

by Leo Pusateri

In our previous column [May 2004] on delivering your value, we took you through the first of seven stages of the process, "Developing a pre-call value strategy skill model," and described how...

Muni Bond Funds Vs. Individual Bonds

by Gail Liberman

A new study says the funds are cheaper if you actively trade.

Potential Shields From Rising Rates

by Alan Lavine

Bank loan funds, adjustable rate mortgage funds and adjustable rate preferred stock may be just the prescription the doctor ordered to snare higher yields in a rising-rate environment with very...

When Your Primary Goal Is Boosting Production

by David J. Drucker

In the May issue of Financial Advisor we talked about coaching, a process that can take an internal or external focus...

Combat Readiness For Financial Advisors

by Raymond Fazzi

Planning for the unexpected is one of the most crucial jobs of a financial advisor–especially, as many advisors are now finding out, when your client is in the military.

Conquering The Paperwork Mountain

by David L. Lawrence

Some cost-efficient ways to improve productivity–and avoid headaches.

The Asset Protection Boom


Interest in asset protection among the affluent has doubled since 2000. With an estimated 50,000 lawsuits filed each day in the United States, litigation has become a national pastime...

Dusting Off Defined Benefit Plans


You know those 40-something and older individuals who have woefully undersaved for retirement? Financial advisors now have what may seem like an unlikely tool to help some of them catch up fast and...

Can Prudent Practices Save Your Business?

by Tracey Longo

You can run, but the chances that you can hide from fiduciary duty are getting slimmer all the time...

Risk In Measured Doses

by Marla Brill

After beating the U.S...

A Look At Perspective Partners

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

A conventional, but customizable, approach to portfolio construction.

Clearing Firms Come Courting

by Tracey Longo

The fastest-growing segment of business at most clearing firms is–you guessed it–the advisor channel...

Advisors Should Consider Specializing In Seniors

by Mike Kaselnak

It will be the best–or worst–experience in your professional life.

A New Way to Growth: Buying Another Practice

by David J. Drucker

Here‚s what you should consider when you plan to buy another firm.

Advisor Emporium


Commonwealth Offers Retirement Plans For Small Businesses Commonwealth Financial Network has launched Commonwealth (K), a full-service group of retirement plan products...

Editor's Note


The Importance Of Optimism   Evan Simonoff Editor-in-Chief In late May, I had a conversation with a few financial advisors that reminded me of the...

Frontline News


Problems Cited In Broker-Dealers‚ Variable Insurance Sales Broker-dealer sales of variable insurance are the source of a large number of complaints–including...