December 2004

Looking For Leaders

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Finding the right executive director for the family office.

Get An 800-pound Gorilla

by Bill Bachrach

Irrational fears can distract you and clients from reaching achievable goals.

The Doctor Is In

by Tracey Longo

Advisor Gregory Kasten, a former anesthesiologist, has built a rare fiduciary practice in the 401(k) market.

Challenging Your Most Basic Assumptions

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

The Investment Think Tank, a new book edited by Harold Evensky and Deena Katz, makes you rethink some fundamental priciples.

Are Low Returns Here To Stay?

by Raymond Fazzi

Rearview mirror would say yes, but it‚s rarely right.

Look Mom! I Beat the S&P Again!

by Christopher P. Parr

Legg‚s Value Trust–relative fund superstar or absolute media hype?

Outsourcing By Multi-Client Family Offices

by Jeff Hollowniczky

What to outsource depends on your business goal.

Reassigning Clients

by David J. Drucker

How to pass the baton without dropping it.

CRM: An Efficient Client-Centered Model

by David L. Lawrence

Software programs can make client relationship management easier.

Your Next Client May Be A Child

by Gregory Bresiger

Advisors must also be family educators.

Getting There From Here

by Tracey Longo

A Q & A with MFS‚s Robert Pozen on reforming the retirement landscape.

Holding The Line


New tax act keeps AMT from mushrooming–for one more year.

Innovative Trends in 401(k) Plans

by Gerald C. Steffes

Plans are adding personal financial advice for employees.

The Bloom Is Off Low-Income Housing

by Gail Liberman

Real estate deals offering tax credits see big decline in sales.

Living To Fight Another Day

by Marla Brill

Avoiding losses is Fairholme Fund‚s key to prospering.

The Gift Of Rebalancing

by Sydney LeBlanc

Year-end may be when to rebalance portfolios, but how to do it is debatable.

Business Mobility Gets Unwired

by David J. Drucker

TowerGroup documents the industry's march toward mobile technology.

Time For Some Changes

by Ted Schwartz

A practitioner‚s view of variable annuities.

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