March 2005

The God Conversation

by Lewis J. Walker

As the boomers grow older, the talk turns to faith and values.

Helping The FPA Survive And Thrive

by Tracey Longo

Is new FPA President Jim Barnash up to the task?

A First Look At CATS

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

This program offers a robust CRM solution for fast-growing firms.

Squeezing Gains Out Of Bonds In 2005

by Marla Brill

It‚s a bond picker‚s market. Beware of corporate releveraging.

Helping Beneficiaries Cope Can Be Complicated


This advisor learned some valuable lessons from personal experience.

Investing IRAs In Real Estate

by Marla Brill

It may be controversial, but more clients are doing it with advisors‚ help.

The Watchdog Inside Your Firm

by Tracey Longo

The SEC is making your chief compliance officer a whistleblower.

Estate Tax: What Repeal?

by Raymond Fazzi

Many planners are telling clients not to expect the tax to go away.

Merging Options

by David L. Lawrence

Five steps may help you avoid pitfalls and make your merger a success.

When The Sum Of The Parts Is Greater Than the Whole

by David J. Drucker

Selling your practice in pieces may benefit you–and your clients.

So Many Hedge Funds ... So Little Time

by Eileen Cohen and William H. Overgard

Look at return patterns and how returns are generated.

Benchmark Checkup

by Craig L. Israelsen

Comparing equity mutual fund returns to an index can be very deceiving.

Getting Under The Hood Of ETFs

by Jim Wiandt

A glitch in QQQQ leads to enormous mispricing on opening cross.

A Passion For Values


Some advisors are focusing their practices on socially conscious investing.

A New Investment Frontier


Investing in commercial real estate abroad is becoming easier.

Time & Money


Do you understand all the assumptions you are making regarding withdrawal rates?

Applying Sound Practices to Your Biggest Investment

by Rebecca Pomering

Maximizing the return on your practice.

Investment Performance Vs. Wealth Management

by Deena Katz and Harold Evensky

Clients care more about performance than advisors do.

Know Thy Clients

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

That‚s the cardinal rule of successful wealth management.

The Good Company, Bad Stock Phenomenon

by William J. Bernstein

Views on why value produces better returns than growth.

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