July 2005

The Danger Of Crossing Borders

by Brian J. Jacobsen

Regulation is reactive and thus has inherent flaws.

Clearing The Field

by Raymond Fazzi

In a shrinking clearing firm market, survivors must grow, innovate or die.

CRM And Integration

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

NationBuilder from iNation is a diamond in the rough.

A Fund For Tough Times

by Marla Brill

More advisors are using the Permanent Portfolio Fund as a hedge.

No Easy Answers

by Dan Moisand

Retirement withdrawal rates remain the subject of much debate.

Correcting Mistakes In Legal Documents

by Mark S. Furman

In the right circumstances, irrevocable estate documents can be changed.

How To Successfully Select An Estate Planning Attorney

by Bruce W. Fraser

Expertise and integrity head the list of essential criteria.

The Secret World Of Impaired Risk Annuities

by David J. Drucker

Most advisors are in the dark when it comes to them.

A Kinder, Gentler Way To Divorce

by Lynn O’Shaughnessy

Collaborative divorce gains popularity as way to ease pain and suffering.

Strong Interest

by Gail Liberman

Interest-only mortgages are hot, but they pose risks for clients.

Overcoming The Profit Crunch

by David L. Lawrence

First-aid hints to stop the bleeding and get your practice healthy again.

Should You Put Your Clients In 529 Plans?

by Marla Brill

Weigh tax benefits versus uncertain future, ongoing regulatory confusion.

Defining Wealth Management

by Raymond Fazzi

Successful firms are putting meaning into the term.

Asset Mark's Asset Grab

by Tracey Longo

How former planners found a way to bring their asset management model to 1,200 advisors in less than a decade.

Merger Mania

by Evan Simonoff and Tracey Longo

The price of advisory firms is about to go up-big time

Big Savings For Small Employers

by Jeff Berends

Individual defined benefit plans are appealing to the self-employed.

The 20/80 Rule Revisited

by Rebecca Pomering

Building a business in your sweet spot.

Significantly Improve Your Referral System

by Bill Bachrach

Learn enough beforehand to make every question meaningful.

The Affluent And The Federal Estate Tax

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Reform, repeal–and some sharp differences of opinion.

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