February 2006

Refocusing Estate Planning

by Ronna Del Valle

Generational Continuity may offer a way to move emotion-bound clients forward.


by Jeff Schlegel

This Shidoobee helps his rolling stones gather some moss—and keep it invested.

NAPFA: Holier Than Thou

by Tracey Longo

Chairwoman seeks balance between group‚s rabble-rousing roots and concern for members.

Rep Tech

by Joel Bruckenstein

Does a broker-dealer‚s technology help its reps grow their business?

This Guy Has A Hot Hand

by Marla Brill

Neil Hennessy relies on quantitative yardsticks to produce big gains.

Burning Down The House?

by Gail Liberman

Warnings are sounded as home equity credit is extended to stretched borrowers.

A Push For Lifetime Income

by Tracey Longo

Variable annuity providers hope to jump-start their business by selling security to worried baby boomers.

11th-Hour College Planning

by Marla Brill

Parents of older children turn to financial advisors for college funding strategies.

Tracking Office Tasks

by David L. Lawrence

Check out software that can help you increase efficiency and profits.

Outsourcing: Does It Help?

by Bruce W. Fraser

Reports are positive from advisors who do it.

An Index For Team-Building

by David J. Drucker

Here‚s a tool that may help your new employees fit with your old ones.

Digging Out, And Digging In

by Raymond Fazzi

Advisors work to help begin the healing, and rebuilding, in Katrina's wake.

Retiring Can Mean Business

by David J. Drucker

What do you tell a client who wants to start a business with his retirement nest egg?

Alive And Well

by Alan Lavine

The ongoing merger boom keeps feeding the risk arbitrageurs‚ bottom line.

Is 'Buy The Market' Best?

by Matt Hougan

Enhanced indexers say they have the way to go the market one (or two) better.

Surprisingly Unsurprising

by Raymond Fazzi

Mutual funds finish 2005 pretty much as the experts predicted.

The Gold Rush

by Alan Lavine

The outlook for precious metals is bright, but the risks are still there.

The Goals Conversation Is Overrated

by Mitch Anthonly

Start connecting with clients on "what is" and "what will be"––not just on "what might be."

The Real Value Audit ... It Works!

by BY Leo Pusateri

A valuable tool helps you build long-term relationships.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

by Hannah Shaw Grove & Russ Alan Prince

Elite advisors use techniques that could be adopted by many others in the field.

Unexpected Turbulence

by Tracey Longo

How a United Airlines pilot turned advisors is helping colleagues grapple with pension nightmares.

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