June 2006

Ten Myths Busted At Tiburon Summit

by Tom Lydon

Discussion helped dismantle myths about investments, boomers and more.

Is Any Stone Unturned?

by Tracey Longo

Is the NASD's regulatory clampdown over? Major changes are in place at the sales force level.

Aging Gracefully

by Joel Bruckenstein

Profiles+ continues to improve more than 30 years after the planning software premiered.

Going Everywhere

by Marla Brill

Thornburg's Motola won't be tied down in the search for returns.

VUL Sales Remain Weak

by Raymond Fazzi

Since crashing along with the market six years ago, the VUL market has been in a tailspin.

Cooling Off

by Gail Liberman

Rising interest rates and hurricanes may have caused Florida's real estate market to peak.

When It Pays To Delay

by Marla Brill

Taking Social Security benefits early may not be best.

Lawyers: New Competitors?

by David J. Drucker

First it was CPAs; now it's attorneys. Are they really practicing financial planning?

Is Your Data Secure?

by David L. Lawrence

Effective-and cost-efficient-tools to help your computer system keep its secrets.

When Clients Also Are Friends

by Raymond Fazzi

Advisors rely on their own judgments and instincts when it comes to serving friends and relatives.

A Hybrid Approach

by Bruce W. Fraser

Structured products can round out a portfolio, but they are complicated and potentially risky.

Forensic Accounting


For Robert Olstein, the primary research goal is to always follow the money.

Storm Clouds For Municipal Bonds

by Alan Lavine

Underfunded liabilities loom as a threat to governments' finances.

Inside Mellon

Private banking isn't always what you think.

Death And Taxes?

by Matt Hougan

Maybe not. ETFs can help you avoid the taxman, but keep an eye on out for special situations.

Sleeping Giants

by Bruce W. Fraser

Companies and investors are waking up to dividends-but will it last?

Symposium Roundup

by Tracey Longo

Event shows how to transform your practice to meet retiring boomers' needs.

Revisiting The Real Value Audit


A guideline to jump-starting yours.

The Power Of Giving


Positive transformations can happen when clients are shown how to align their values with their money.

Competing As A Family Office

by Hannah Shaw Grove & Russ Alan Prince

Multifamily offices provide many services, including estate planning and family security.

Portfolio Software Newcomers


A look at three companies offering portfolio management software for your firms.

Focused On Big

by Cort Smith

Focus Financial has become one of the largest RIAs only months after it opened its doors. Founder Rudy Adolf says they're just getting started.

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