August 2006

Retirement Is The Wrong Word

by Richard B. Wagner

Finding the right words to describe people of a certain age.

Custodians Duel Over New Services

by Raymond Fazzi

With business booming, custodians are searching for an edge.

Late Summer Recruiting

by Tracey Longo

Ownership is a powerful lure for wirehouse brokers.

First Look At Advisors Office

by Joel Bruckenstein

Management software has solid foundation but needs more functionality.

Theme Reversal Or Head Fake?

by Marla Brill

ICON International Equity Fund manager eyes a move toward defensive industries.

Life Insurance And Wealth Management

by Hannah Shaw Grove

Helping client with life insurance is an important service of effective wealth managers.

What If ... ?


Advisors debate talking with clients about what to do if a viral pandemic strikes U.S.


by Mary Rowland

Controversy and critics still shadow the growing life settlement market.

A Prescription For Success

by > David L. Lawrence

Just what the doctor ordered–Web sites that are easy to use.

Pro Bono And The Profession

by Tracey Longo

Officials from 43 FPA chapters met to find out how to launch successful pro bono planning programs in their states.

Do You Need This Kind Of Manager?

by David J. Drucker

Advisors discuss whether a client relationship manager is someone they need-or not.

Emerging Bond Market Stalls

by Alan Lavine

Investor concern about the U.S. economy casts a long shadow.

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

by Matthew Hougan

Do the new leveraged ETFs have a place in the financial advisor's toolbox?

Profiting From Foreign Exchange

by Eric Uhlfelder

Currency exposure can add diversification and gains to portfolios-if you're careful.

The Meaning Of Volatility Volatility


Michael Steinhardt questions whether today‚s market is telling us much.

Fund Returns: Theory Vs. Experience

by Raymond Fazzi

Morningstar will publish dollar-weighted fund returns so investors can better assess what they get.

Mastering The Challenge

by David J. Drucker

Managing growth isn't easy.

What Other Advisors Believe


You asked for them: examples and critiques of effective (and not so effective) business beliefs.

A Matter Of Life And Death?


How many people unknowingly choose money over their lives by the way they conduct their lives.

Global Citizens

by Hannah Shaw Grove & Russ Alan Prince

Private jet owners are an ultra-affluent bunch and, as such, likely have intricate financial requirements.

How Are They Managing Growth?

by By: Andrew Gluck

Some supergrowth advisors share their secrets.

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Prices Lowered For ING TermSmart ING has lowered the price for its ING...

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SEC To Research Broker Rule The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is getting ready to see how investors have been impacted by having two sets...

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Article Undercuts Its Premise The article in May‚s issue by Andrew Gluck about software vendors needing to revise their financial planning...