September 2006

Seller Beware

by Kristofor R. Behn

Is selling a financial planning practice to an outsider the best way to extract its true value?

To The Rescue


This advisor‚s favorite pastime is saving marine mammals and returning them to the wild.

There For The Asking?

by Tracey Longo

Some agree banks‚ loss of investors‚ trust assets is advisors‚ gain. Now, for that marketing plan.

Technology Roundup

by Joel Bruckenstein

Upgraded versions of Junxure-i and Workstation Office offer new capabilities and opportunities.

SMA/Nonprofit Connection

by Sydney LeBlanc

SMAs can be used to attract foundation and endowment work.

Where They Stand

A look at separately managed account performance.

Riding The Value Train

by Marla Brill

Wintergreen Fund's David Winters embraces the unloved and keeps management on its toes.

An Expensive Guarantee?

by Frank O’Connor

Is the security of guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefits worth the cost?

Life Insurance For Charitable Gifting

by Laura Weintraub Beck, David T. Leibell

These strategies might provide more for the charity and tax benefits for the donor.

Gaining Ground

Tenant-in-common deals exceed private REITs.

Donor-Advised Funds Take Off

by Bruce W. Fraser

Planned giving hasn‚t cut advisors out of the picture.

Have Your REITs Peaked Yet?

by Bruce W. Fraser

Wave of privatizations suggests market still has legs.

One Is The Loneliest Number

by David J. Drucker

Being a sole practitioner is great-until it's time to sell your practice.

A Fiduciary Practice

by David L. Lawrence

Operational challenges come with offering advice.

Whose Advice Is It Anyway?

by Raymond Fazzi

Debate continues over law encouraging 401(k) assistance.

Asset Allocation And Investor Goals

by Eileen Cohen and William H. Overgard

What we've learned about portfolio construction from the first decade of hedge funds.

Back In The Spotlight

by Marla Brill

Tax-sensitive funds are gaining new interest from investors.

Destined For A Fall

by Linda Keslar

Yale‚s Shiller predicts housing prices will drop–but he says no one knows how far.

Back To The Future


Founded in 1932, advisory firm Harold C. Brown & Co. embraces its past but changes with the times.

When Should Your Career Be at Its Peak?

by Bill Bachrach

Probably a lot sooner than you think.

The Truth About Needy Rich Folks

by Mary Rowland

Terms like "life planning" and "wealth management" go in an out of vogue, but the need to meet clients‚ needs is a constant.

A 100% Certainty

by Mitch Anthony

Are you ensuring that your clients address the ultimate planning issue?

Unlocking Client Value

by BY Rebecca Pomering and JULIA LITTLECHILD

The key is creating a strategic feedback loop so you know what your clients are thinking.

Jet Owners Provide Insight On Wealthy

by Hannah Shaw Grove & Russ Alan Prince

Learning how–and why–wealthy clients spend money is a key element in building your relationship.

Referencing Referrals

by Andrew Gluck

If you want qualified potential customers sent your way, who will you call?

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Optional Fiduciary Stance Challenged The CFP Board of Standards has released proposed rules changes that would allow certificants to choose whether or...