November 2006

Engaging The Money Forces

by Richard B. Wagner

Because the phrase "my money" is an oxymoron.

Special Needs, Special Advisor


A former small-town mayor takes time out for folks with special needs.

A New Vision

by Joel Bruckenstein

The latest version of AdvisorVision is a big step forward.

Embracing The Future

by Sydney LeBlanc and Ron Brounes

Pershing and Lockwood get the thumbs-up for their vision, a smooth transition and high client satisfaction.

Talking Turkey

by Marla Brill

Fund manager Markus Brück says European emerging markets still have room to grow.

Defective Thinking

by Edward A. Renn & Frank W. Seneco

Wealthy clients can benefit by the carefully planned use of an intentionally defective grantor trust.

The Ethical Testament

by Bruce W. Fraser

Ethical wills incorporate a new concept: sharing values and principles.

State Death Taxes Matter, Too

by Eric L. Reiner

Federal estate tax uncertainty breeds state estate tax uncertainty.

Crossing Racial Lines

by David J. Drucker

Some financial advisors make an effort to serve clients of different races and ethnicities.

Relationships Revisited

by David L. Lawrence

CRM options, both old and new. Find one that fits your practice.

Who Needs To Market?

by David J. Drucker

The question about marketing isn't just how, it's if?


by Robert Casey

Multifamily offices report double-digit growth, with smaller organizations leading the way.

Power Surge

by Eric L. Reiner

Two CPAs spill the beans on how they are growing their advisory firm.

Success With A BAM

by Raymond Fazzi

Two CPAs plan for growth and grow the plan-with billion-dollar results.

Data Entry

by Alan Lavine

iMoneyNet‚s former VP offers a new source for money fund information.

Foraging For Funds Abroad

by Eric Uhlfelder

Here's what to consider when selecting international funds.

Hedging Real Estate

by Gail Liberman

The derivatives are here; are they the answer?

Deflation Or Inflation?


Leading bond managers debate what's ahead.

Conference Roundup

by Tracey Longo

Meeting the demands of baby boomer clients led content at the 8th Annual Financial Advisor Symposium.

An Intelligent Client Acquisition Methodology

by Bill Bachrach

Hint: It‚s not about pushing products and sales.

The Vitamin Cs Of Successful Aging

by Mitch Anthony

The right attitude will make all of the difference for a happy, healthy retirement.

The Future Is Immediate Annuities

by Mary Rowland

Forget plastics and hedge funds. Clients sleep better with a steady income.

Wealth Protection For The Affluent

by Hannah Shaw Grove & Russ Alan Prince

The things wealth managers must know to keep their wealthy clients feeling secure.

A Quiet Giant Awakes

by Andrew Gluck

SunGard is making its first real effort to market the company's PlanningStation application to independent advisors.

Is The Price Right?

by Tracey Longo

When it comes to pricing, many advisors are nowhere near as efficient and profitable as they could be.

Advisor Emporium


Partners Focus On European Property Behringer Harvard, an integrated global commercial real estate company, has formed an investment alliance with...

Frontline News


CFP Board CEO Teslik Resigns Sarah Ball Teslik has resigned as CEO of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards to assume a policy position...

Letters to the Editor


An Inaccurate Picture Thomas Kostigen's piece in the October issue of Financial Advisor paints an inaccurate picture of Schwab's Mutual Fund OneSource service...