January 2008

A Rare Breed, Indeed

by Somnath Basu

Many more advisors need to help clients deal with debt by taking a holistic approach to financial health planning.

Breakaway Brokers

by Tracey Longo

It seems that everywhere you turn, former brokers are launching their own fee-only firms.

Growing Up

by Bruce W. Fraser

Advisory firms face new opportunities as they mature, but also need new approaches.

Seeing Forrester From The Trees

by Joel Bruckenstein

Forrester's new software report is better than past versions, but some findings need a closer look.

Playing Both Sides

by Marla Brill

MainStay fund uses convertibles to lower volatility.

A New Focus On Reverse Mortgages

by Gail Liberman

Lenders are aiming at the massive market of aging baby boomers, and they want advisors to join in the hunt.

With Gay Marriage Comes Gay Divorce

by Caren Chesler

Gay couples should plan financially for it.

Great Expectations

by Marla Brill

One-stop retirement income funds raise interest, spark debate.

Boomers In Business

by David J. Drucker

Some boomers are starting small businesses to generate needed income in retirement. What will your advice be?

The House That Pat And Dave Built


Two advisors create a large, fast-growing RIA by winning investment management business from institutions, government agencies-and 350 other advisors.

Undiscovered Investment

by Eric Uhlfelder

For a decade, the Australian economy has been goosed forward, offering upside for investors who want to ship capital down under.

Another BRIC In The Wall


Russia offers investors potential appreciation-and apprehension.

Maslow Meets Retirement

by Mitch Anthony

Here's how you can help clients develop an income stream for life.

Where The Oceans Of Knowledge Meet

by Mary Rowland

Some are trying to make it easier for fiduciaries to navigate the waters of fair pricing.

Operational Leadership

by David Lawrence

Finding efficient ways to manage a firm.

Believe In Yourself

by Andy Gluck

But do a lot of homework before you ask your best clients for referrals.

Pay It Forward

by Tracey Longo

How Bart Boyer makes sure clients and employees of Parsec Financial succeed.

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