February 2008

Bailout Plan Spells Trouble For Future Mortgages

by Milton Ezrati

Long-term legal and liquidity risks will be the result.

Custodians Beef It Up

by Joel Bruckenstein

Advisors are looking for quicker, cheaper and more innovative programs from their custodians to help their clients.

Bringing Life To An Old Fund

by Marla Brill

The 72-year-old Evergreen Balanced Fund gets a remodel from new manager Margaret Patel.

A Better Mousetrap

by Craig L. Israelsen> Craig L. Israelsen

Pure Target indexes deliver simple sophistication to investors.

Something To Live With?

by Jay Kabad

Advisors should carefully examine the guaranteed withdrawal benefits of some annuities.

Postnups Gaining In Popularity

by Gail Liberman

But state laws vary, and many agreements haven't been tested in court.

Building A Better Benchmark

by David J. Drucker

Are the FPA‚s new regional profitability and compensation statistics more valuable to advisors than national data?

Two To Tango


Two advisors build a fast-growing advisory firm by outsourcing just about everything.

Out Of The Style Box

by Bruce A. Weininger

Managers need freedom and flexibility to deliver superior investment results.

The Bond ETF Explosion

by Marla Brill

Still at less than 6% of total ETF assets, expect many more to pop up.

Fund Review: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

by Alan Lavine

Growth might be a bright spot in 2008, but the financial sector still may take a big toll.

Little Guys Win

by Mary Rowland

Big banks and brokers now realize the wealthy want objective advice, so they are buying successful independent advisory firms that offer it.

Office Clutter

by David Lawrence

It‚s an obvious sign of inefficiency, and here‚s what to do about it.

Adding New Owners

by Rebecca Pomering

Here are issues to consider when planning for internal succession.

When Clients Forget

by Tracey Longo

Would you know if a senior client spent $100,000 on a diamond? Or had her heat and telephone shut off?

Unfinished Business

by Andrew Gluck

A 36-year-old computer geek who made $12 million on the 2002 sale of his advisor software company is back with a vengeance.

Strategic Moves


United Capital's Joe Duran must see ways to improve an advisory firm's business before he offers to buy it.

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Measuring True Risk

by Roy Diliberto

Grab your thesaurus! Advising your clients can become a lesson in semantics.

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