June 2008

The Engineer, Professor And Planner

by John E. Grable, Ph.D.

Now is the time for planners to make the journey from occupation to profession.

Global Balancing Act

by Marla Brill

Iain Clark steers Henderson Global Investors International Opportunities Fund as some countries fight recession and others battle inflation.

VUL: Pros And Cons

by Bruce W. Fraser

What you need to know when considering variable universal life policies for your clients.

Hearing The Whispers

by Susan Machuga, Karen Teitel, Ray Pfeiffer Jr. and Brian Boyer

Advisors may find whisper forecasts useful in detecting arnings-per-share and stock price movement.

Searching For Yield

by Eric Uhlfelder

Dysfunctional financial markets, soaring credit spreads and frozen liquidity are creating some uncommon yield plays.

No Longer A Wallflower

by Bruce W. Fraser

Munis are looking especially attractive, but beware.

The New ETF Frontier

by Marla Brill

After years winding their way through the SEC, actively managed ETFs have finally hit the market.

Diverse Viewpoints

by Staff Report

Murray, Grove and Hoisington address Financial Advisor Symposium.

Coming Of Age

by Joel Bruckenstein

Online document storage systems have advanced considerably over the last few years.

Linking Up

by David J. Drucker

Social networking sites draw bad publicity for good reason, but can the same technology be harnessed to transform the business world in a positive way?

Who's On Your Client's Payroll?

by Bruce W. Fraser

Nannies and other domestic workers raise security, liability issues.

War Stories

by Caren Chesler

Some clients just won‚t listen, and an advisor usually can‚t do much about it.

X Marks The Spot


Generation X is ready for financial advice, but are advisors ready for Gen X?

Survival Of The Fittest

by Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince

Take advantage of investor frustrations and difficult markets to showcase your expertise and find new clients.

What Are We Communicating?

by Roy Diliberto

It‚s best to be truthful about what you can (and can‚t) accomplish for your clients in tough times.

Tough Lessons Ahead For ETFs

by Mary Rowland

Morningstar's Don Phillips likes ETFs, but thinks the business is doing too much trend chasing.

Keeping It Private

by David Lawrence

More firms need to take steps to protect client and firm data.

Dream Home

by Tracey Longo

With some resort areas' prices still in freefall, does it make sense for retirees to rent?

Rethinking Thinking

by Andrew Gluck

With her book Time To Think, author Nancy Kline argues that professionals of all stripes could be listening differently...and better.

Swimming Upstream

by Tracey Longo

Top independent broker-dealers are helping advisors win bigger clients.

It's How You Arrive

by Tracey Longo

That's exactly how Sacramento, Calif.-based Hanson McClain built a firm With $1.2 billion in assets.

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