September 2009

Lessons Learned


What the market upheaval has taught advisors.

The Acquired Advisor's Long, Hot Summer


Tensions between advisors and consolidators are producing on-the-job retirements at some firms.

Trimming The Sails

by Andrew Gluck

Schwab Institutional and Albridge up the ante and upgrade their platforms to boost advisor efficiency.

Costly Mistakes

by David Lawrence

A compensation plan that doesn't balance business needs or treat employees fairly will undermine your firm's success.

Drop, Delay, Delegate, Do

by Bill Bachrach

Managing your time and your calendar well will help you be a highly successful advisor.

Integrity Lost

by Mitch Anthony

Philosopher and author Jacob Needleman says we need to rethink our attitudes about money and what really makes us happy.

A Bigger Net

by Mary Rowland

If mistakes are made with a trust, a beneficiary may soon be able to sue more than the trustee.

Economic Justice

by James Picerno

The details of how the business cycle affects the equity risk premium are emerging ... slowly.

Giving Back

by Caren Chesler

Financial advisors get their hands dirty on weekends with the nitty-gritty of volunteer work.

What Are The Odds?

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

A look at whether Monte Carlo simulations help or hinder the planning process.

How Liquid Are Client Mutual Funds?

by Gail Liberman

It depends on how many illiquid securities they hold-and some may have more than you realize.

Hedging Your Bets With Gold

by Alan Lavine

It's seen as a defensive play by some, a long-term diversification strategy by others.

A Small Risk

by Raymond Fazzi

Conventional wisdom says small caps are riskier than their large-cap counterparts, but they remain a basic building block in retirement portfolios.

Your Clients' Retirement DNA

by John Carl

Understanding a client's many savings plans, as well as her career path and investment choices, means you're ready to analyze how she's uniquely positioned for retirement.

Unlocking Opportunity

by Cathleen M. Clauson

Trusts are a good way for advisors to expand their businesses. Here's why.

The World On Sale

by Marla Brill

Artisan International Value Fund manager N. David Samra likes inexpensive companies with an edge.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall ...

by Richard B. Wagner

The financial planning community hasn't done enough self-examination regarding the recent crisis. Here are some lessons from the financial fiasco.

Strong Voice

by Eleanor O'Sullivan

Investors expect SRI managers to not only pick responsible, strong performers, but also to fight for change.

Sustainability Indexes: Pros And Cons

by Marla Brill

Environmental, social and governance criteria are the basis.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Foundation Source Expands Philanthropic Services Foundation Source, a provider of support services for private foundations based in Fairfield, Conn...

Editor's Note

Editor's Note


Nation's Pain, Advisors' Gain Any human be-ings with an ounce of decency normally feel a sense of misgiving when they find themselves poised to benefit from others'...

Frontline News

Frontline News

Regulations, Fiduciaries And Other Things As the debate over financial services industry regulation rages, groups such as the National Association of Personal Financial...