March 2010

Navigating Choppy Seas

by Jeff Schlegel

Windward Investment Management takes an all-weather approach to global investing.

The Age Of Living Lean


Loomis Sayles' Dan Fuss sees a soft recovery in which quality businesses gain at the expense of the rest.

Trading Spaces

by Andrew Gluck

Could social network investing threaten your advisory business?

A Key To Efficiency

by David Lawrence

Advisors today have many choices when it comes to document management software.

The Right Fit

by Bill Bachrach

Here are some time-tested rules for finding clients who will have the best possible experience with you.

Winners And Losers In A Lost Decade

by Mary Rowland

REITs and emerging market investments were among the few that came out ahead.

My Heroes

by Mitch Anthony

"Retirementors" are individuals who refuse to accept society's norm for when one is "old."

Healing Financial Trauma


Financial advisors have had to become psychologists for clients facing hardship.

Strong Alliances

by David J. Drucker

An advisor creates a platform offering a team approach to sophisticated high-net-worth planning.

Passing The Tax Buck

by Ed Liptak

Pass-through entities such as LLCs are growing in popularity.

Beware The Pitfalls

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

The advantages of social media for advisors are being trumpeted loudly, but the risks are heard less.

Markowitz: MPT Holds Up

by Alan Lavine

MPT never claimed diversification would help during financial crises.

A View From Above

by Eric Uhlfelder

An interview with Harvard economic historian Niall Ferguson.

Real Estate Horror Tales

by Caren Chesler

Investors tell how their dreams of making money went from bad to worse when they started renting their properties.

Just Do It

by Eric L. Reiner

With greater uncertainty than ever surrounding the estate tax, Washington must act soon.

A Poignant Lesson

by Jarrett Solomon

Investor psychology is not always easy to manage or understand, but these tenets may help you work with clients in uncertain markets.

Small Loans, Big Impact

by Caren Chesler

Microfinance investments may be very appealing to some clients, but advisors should look closely to see whether they meet the goals of retail investors.

Value In Values

by Marla Brill

For the Appleseed Fund, value investing and social responsibility go hand in hand.

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