June 2011

Homing In On Families


Kathy Lintz and her firm Financial Management Partners stress education in their work with multigenerational family wealth management.

Real Estate For The Right Reasons

by Nick Murray

Yes, it's an "alternative" investment. But to what?

Know The Big Ten

by Somnath Basu

Advisors need to find a way to offer clients global economic knowledge that cuts to the chase. 

The Accidental Broker-Dealer

by Andrew Gluck

How independent B-D Ensemble Financial came undone and left its reps adrift.

A New Dawn

by David Lawrence

More firms may merge or form strategic alliances in the wake of new rules that require small advisors to switch regulators.

Keeping Family Trust

by Mary Rowland

New Hampshire leads the way among states using generous new laws to compete for family trust business.

Reconciling Couples' Money Differences

by Roy Diliberto

Many couples have significant issues about money.

RIA M&A Game Changes


Big buyers like banks are gone, so the playing field is changing.

Rebuilding Trust - Part 1

by Bruce W. Fraser

Though Bernard Madoff was carted off to jail, he still casts a long shadow over the financial advisory community and advisor/client relationships.

Rebuilding Trust - Part 2

by Bruce W. Fraser

Six leaders in the wealth management continue their discussion of the advisory industry and how new rules and regulations will impact it.

Hidden Levers

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Harnessing econometric data to build better portfolios.

Social Media Networking Becomes Even More Important

by Michael W. Byrnes Jr.

Three changes that will impact your business.

Tapping Infrastructure

by Marla Brill

Infrastructure ETFs have offered mixed returns to investors.

Macro And Markets

by Jim Picerno

Two sides of the risk management coin.

Exotic Alternative

by Alan Lavine

Advisors should scrutinize the risk-return trade-off of including floating-rate loans in client portfolios.

Expect To Work Harder

by Timothy P. McGrath

Advisors need to communicate with clients more and provide them with more active portfolio management.

Mining Mid-Cap Growth

by Marla Brill

Over the next few years, the challenge will be finding stocks that can grow earnings enough to give portfolio stocks room to appreciate.

Tapping 401(k) Opportunities

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Financial advisors in the 401(k) space are optimistic about future prospects in a shifting regulatory landscape.

Good Behavior Or Bad?

by Ben Mattlin

are beginning to look at electronic data on applicants' personal choices to assess risk.

Information Overload

by Garth Scrivner

Our job is to help clients create a framework that helps them understand events and takes the emotional aspects out of investment decisions.

It's A Gas


The Marcellus Shale provides opportunity-and controversy-for natural gas investors.

Emerging Opportunities

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Socially responsible asset managers scour emerging markets for investments with ESG appeal.

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Advisor Emporium

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Frontline News

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