August 2011

The Coming Retirement Wave


Are Americans financially prepared for life after work?

Is There A Safe Savings Rate?

by Dan Moisand

New research suggests that retirement planning should focus on savings, not withdrawals and accumulation targets.

Pension Cash-Outs Are Coming

by Eric L. Reiner

The trend spells opportunity for advisors.

Will The Economy Double-Dip?

by Somnath Basu

Other than the stock market, most indicators reflect a trough, not the early stages of a growth cycle. Here's what advisors should watch for.

Nine Things

by Andrew Gluck

A tip sheet for those who want to make their presence felt on the Web.

The Mobile Advisor

by David Lawrence

Is working without an office a viable business model?

Reputation Management

by Mary Rowland

What's published on the Internet about you might not always be favorable.

Priorities-Yours Or Your Clients'?

by Roy Diliberto

Getting at a client's true priorities should be an essential part of every advisor's efforts.

Alternatives In The Spotlight

by Staff Report

Many of the 600 attendees at the second annual Innovative Alternative Strategies conference came to learn how to use these investments in client portfolios.

Market In The Middle

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

OMYEN uses a couple of key tools to try and help financial advisors serve less-affluent clients.

Natural Selection

by Virginia Munger Kahn

Are futures or natural resource stocks the best way to get commodity exposure?

Schwab's Low-Cost ETF Gamble

by Marla Brill

Schwab is undercutting competitors with low fees, but still faces a challenge in differentiating its ETFs from those offered by more established players. 

U.S. Dollar Under Pressure

by Alan Lavine

Some observers believe currency should be part of a diversified portfolio. Here's what to consider.

Dodging The Bullet-A Follow-Up

by David J. Drucker

Three advisors who protected clients from the 2008 market meltdown talk about what has happened in their clients' portfolios since then.

Rethinking Bond ETFs

by Michelle Knight

Most investors buy bond ETFs at a premium and sell at a discount, a dynamic that is an undeniable black mark on fixed-income ETFs.

A Time To Hedge

by Marla Brill

The Schooner Fund uses hedging strategies to even out returns, and over the last three years that's helped it navigate market pullbacks.

One To The Power Of One

by Richard B. Wagner

The advisor and the client combine in a uniquely powerful and singular relationship. But does anyone truly understand the nature of our work?

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