February 2012

Anatomy Of A Merger


The creation of Modera Wealth Management had some glitches, but the outcome has been better than the principals anticipated.

Making Money, Getting It Right

by Somnath Basu

The greatest fallacy is that you have to find the winners to make money. But really you need to find the winners, losers and sideways movers.

Shakeout Ahead

by Andrew Gluck

New online platforms threaten disruption in financial advice.

How To Hire Right

by David Lawrence

Three steps that will help you avoid choosing the wrong person for a job.

Preserving The Bloodline

by Mary Rowland

For seven generations, the Laird-Norton family has maintained its close ties by passing along values and a sense of legacy.

Fighting Wolves

by Roy Diliberto

Feed optimism, not pessimism, in your clients.

Choosing Your Clients

by Ross Levin

In his new book, Ross Levin focuses on how advisors can build their businesses. This excerpt examines different kinds of clients. 

An Integrated Cloud Solution

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

External IT wants to be your cloud provider.

Equity Funds Look Forward

by Maureen Nevin Duffy

Equity-only funds as a group struggled last year, and fund companies are considering new themes.

The Future Of Commodities

by Eric Uhlfelder

Despite declining prices, observers believe that well-managed investments in commodities can still generate gains. 

Muni Bond ETFs Join The Charge For Yields

by Marla Brill

Despite some concerns, investors are being drawn to muni bond ETFs for diversification, transparency and low costs.

What You See Is Not What You Get

by Scott MacKillop

Ten rules that may help avoid investment disasters.

Setting Up For Inflation

by Marla Brill

If the bleak economic scenario plays out the way Rob Arnott envisions, this fund would likely outperform its pure-equity peers.

Making The Money Last

by Ben Mattlin

How can advisors convince baby boomers to live within their means so they have enough for retirement?

A Silver Lining

by Juliette Fairley

Financial advisors working with federal employees need to be well versed on their unique benefits.

Putting 2011 Taxes To Bed

by Eric L. Reiner

Advisors can lower clients' stress by understanding the newest forms and rules.

Fish Soup Or Aquariums?

by Richard B. Wagner

Financial advisors are essential for creating optimal environments for individuals and societies.

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Editor's Note

A Warning For Advisors


On the eve of the worst financial crisis in 80 years back in 2006, what were the seers at our nation's central bank doing? The picture that appears in a series of recently released transcripts...

Frontline News

CFP Online


The whole world seems to be moving online, including programs to earn the certified financial planner (CFP) designation...

Companies Face $12 Trillion 'Equity Gap' By 2020

(Bloomberg News) Global companies' demand for equity capital may outstrip supply by about $12...

Social Media Losing Some Appeal With Financial Advisors

Despite the hype about the benefits social media can bring to financial advisors, most advisors don't find it very useful in their businesses...

Honey, I Forgot To Pay The Taxes

Recent changes in IRS regulations make it easier to file for relief from prosecution when a spouse hasn't paid the proper income taxes and the innocent spouse didn't know about the violation...

Two Firms Unite To Form One Large CPA-Based Wealth Manager

Two large accounting firms, Wipfli LLP and Eide Bailly LLP, announced last month they are merging to create EB Wipfli LLP...

IMCA Boosts 2011 Membership

The Investment Management Consultants Association's stepped-up efforts to attract new members paid dividends in 2011, with overall membership up 7% for the year...