December 2012

Charity Blues

by Eric Rasmussen

How do you know when your clients' favorite charity is ripping them off?

The Right Mix

by Rob Brown

How pessimistic do you have to be to own Treasury bonds now?

Millennial Flowers

by Mary Rowland

The generation born after 1980 is more team-oriented and globally focused.

Demonstrating That You Care

by Roy Diliberto

When your clients know you care, they are much more likely to take your advice.

New Tricks

by David Lawrence

Advisors should embrace the advances coming from rapid technological changes.

Building Trust, Or Are You?

by Bill Bachrach

Advisors need to evaluate different methods of establishing high-trust relationships with clients.

Custodians Evolve

by Ben Mattlin

New initiatives and traditional offerings provide better service.

Filling The Data Void

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

One firm was in the right place at the right time to offer reporting technology for alternative assets.

Single Malt, Multiple Payback

by Jeff Schlegel

Collectible whiskies-particularly single-malt scotch-have been fetching high prices. Is this a fad or a legitimate alternative investment?

(Re)Discovering Technical Analysis

by James Picerno

Once maligned, technical analysis concepts are coming back into vogue among money managers.

ETF Managers Gearing Up

by Marla Brill

Five advisors talk about what they expect in 2013.

Capturing Returns

by Matt Schreiber

A little-known statistic, the capture ratio, can help advisors build better portfolios.

The Tamer Side

by Marla Brill

Some small-cap value stocks offer stronger cash flow, lower debt and less volatility than their growth peers, one manager says.

Improving Fundamentals

by Alan Lavine

Commercial REITs are expected to perform well as the economy rebounds.

How They Rate

by Alan Lavine

The financial strength of life insurers comes under pressure.

Books Of The Year 2012

by Nick Murray

History, biography and an enlightened futurism are the hallmarks of this year’s offerings.

Future View

by Marie Swift

Rise and shine. It’s morning in the advice business.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

ING U.S. is offering a retirement income practice management program to help its financial advisors address the lifetime income planning needs of clients who are approaching and entering retirement.

Editor's Note

A Different Future

by Evan Simonoff

According to a report from the International Energy Agency last month, America is likely to become self-sufficient in energy by the end of the decade...

Frontline News

CFP Board Ethics Scandal

by Andrew Gluck

In the biggest ethics scandal since it was founded in 1985, CFP Board of Standards Inc...

Some Advisors Selling Now To Avoid Capital Gains Tax Bite

by Jeff Schlegel

The prospect for higher capital gains taxes in 2013 has prompted some financial advisors to sell their practices by year-end to keep Uncle Sam from getting a bigger share of their hard-earned profits.

Number Of SEC-Registered Advisors Falls

The number of investment advisors registered with the SEC fell this year from last year, but it’s mainly a regulatory matter rather than a mass exodus for the door.

American Funds, iShares And Jackson National Rate Big With FAs


The financial advisor business is all about relationships and personal connection, and not just with clients.

Inflation Changes Taxes For 2013

by Eric L. Reiner

With or without the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, there will be tax changes next year due to inflation. That’s because a modest 1...

Retail Bank-Based Advisors Not Connecting With Customers

Most mass affluent consumers like their local retail bank branch––or “stores,” as some in the industry like to call them––for certain things, but not much more...

Napfa CEO Turf Resigns

Ellen Turf, the CEO and executive director of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors since 1999, is resigning after 20 years with the fee-only advisor organization.