January 2013

The Smartest Kid In Summer School

by Evan Simonoff

In spite of its struggles, the U.S. might be the best place to invest for the next decade.

The Tipping Point

by Michelle Knight

With negative yields, are TIPS really the best option for managing inflation?

A Globe-Trotter’s Checkbook

by Mary Rowland

How do globe-trotters pay bills? My Accountant has some ideas.

Wise Is As Wise Does

by Mitch Anthony

To transfer wisdom to clients, an advisor needs to develop four skills.

Time Well Spent

by David Lawrence

More advisors need to focus on how to delegate work to others in their firms.

Standard Issue

by Donald B. Trone

What needs to be done to advance a fiduciary standard?

Virtual Reality

by Brian Hamburger

Practice what you preach when it comes to preparedness.

Schwab Talks Tech

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

Schwab advisor services announced several new initiatives and provided updates on a number of previously announced projects during its annual Impact conference, held in Chicago in mid-November...

World Of Opportunities

by Ben Mattlin

Fund strategists name international investments that look promising for 2013.

A Steady Pace Wins The Race

by Tom Lydon

The ETF universe sees a slew of new low-volatility funds.

Very Resourceful

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Investors anticipate long-term opportunities in global environmental markets.

Media Development In The Developing World

by Thomas M. Kostigen

This loan fund invests in independent news outlets in countries with a history of media oppression.

Wringing Out Income

by Marla Brill

The MFS Diversified Income Fund sees better juice from bonds in up-and-coming overseas markets.

Afraid New World

by Eric Uhlfelder

Insurers are altering their assessment of risk, capitalization and the way they write policies to address climate change.

Bruised, But Not Broken

by Karen DeMasters

Variable annuities are not as attractive as they once were, but are still appealing to some.

Book Smart

by Scott A. MacKillop

Why does the real investing world look so much different from what academics see?

Advisor Emporium

Fidelity’s New Risk And Compliance Hub

Fidelity Investments has added a new “Risk & Compliance Hub” to its Streetscape technology platform.

Editor's Note

Contrarianism: Does It Pay?

by Evan Simonoff

Back in the 1980s, there was a famous Bronx borough president who kept a sign on his desk that read, “Crime doesn’t pay as well as politics.”

Frontline News

Feeling Confident

At first blush, a recent survey by Cogent Research might sound a bit deflating.

$31 Billion In Assets Up For Grabs By Advisors

A new survey by a consulting arm of multinational company Cisco Systems has found that there is $31 billion in investable assets that could be snared by financial advisories from investors age 55 and...

Financial Advisors Have New Site For Cyberspace Job Hunting

Financial advisors thinking of switching firms now have a free online recruiting tool that lets them gather company and job information privately.

Napfa Requiring CFP Designation For Membership

Starting January 1, the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors will require the CFP designation for its registered financial advisor members.

Morgan Stanley Alters Broker Pay Plan And Cuts Revenue Bonus

Morgan Stanley, the brokerage with the biggest corps of financial advisors, changed its wealth-management compensation plan to encourage brokers to increase revenue and allow them to buy discounted...

Best Practices That Boost Advisor Productivity

A recent study by Limra and Mc­Kinsey & Co. looked at the distribution challenges faced by companies that sell financial products to financial advisors.

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Predict A New World

New technologies, dwindling resources and explosive population growth in the next 18 years will alter the global balance of power and trigger radical economic and political changes at a speed...

Letters to the Editor

Setting The Record Straight

by Evan Simonoff

While I agree with much of what MarketCounsel founder and managing director Brian Hamburger has to say in his article “Sleight of Hand,” published in your October 2012 issue, I feel compelled to...