March 2013

Dual Focus

by Jeff Schlegel

Advisors focused on high-net-worth investors find creative ways to serve the middle market.

Drifting Off Track

by Evan Simonoff

Many retired clients have deviated from their withdrawal plans.

Advice For The Gilded Cage

by Mary Rowland

Just because some people are born into wealth doesn’t mean they have it easy.

At Home With An Advisor

by Mitch Anthony

Clients want advisors who understand their values.

Connecting The Dots From Anywhere

by David Lawrence

New applications allow advisors to sync data from anywhere.

Working Well

by Bill Bachrach

You can’t be a highly successful advisor without good work habits.

Raising The Bar

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

FinFolio’s client reporting system is a significant leap forward.

Minimizing The Bite

by Eric L. Reiner

This year’s higher tax rates demand revisiting investment plans.

Risk Parity Funds: A Look At Their Complexity, Structure

by Michael J. Reed

Although they are popular, their bond bets draw scrutiny.

Protection Or Overkill?

by Gregory Bresiger

Money market funds claim reforms could annihilate their business.

Structurally Sound

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Investors expect many infrastructure-related companies to exhibit long-term strength—but which ones?

Adjusting Expectations

by Marla Brill

Manager David Giroux says it may be time for investors to take a reality check.

MLPs Performing Well

by Alan Lavine

These investments in energy companies offer high yields, but should be chosen carefully.

Life Choices

by Alan Lavine

Advisors find term life insurance fits the needs of many clients, with some exceptions.

Recovery Mode

by Gail Liberman

The U.S. housing market is finally on the mend, experts say.

More Popular Than Ever

by Maureen Nevin Duffy

Rising college costs and new bonus features are adding to the allure of 529 college plans.

Vacuum And Clutter

by Richard B. Wagner

Financial planning is being practiced within a paradox that includes an academic void and confusion about the profession.

Advisor Emporium

ERISA Practice Guide Highlights Opportunities

by FA Staff

Matrix Financial Solutions, based in Denver, has released ERISA Fiduciary Issues: A Practice Guide for Advisors, which outlines what it means to be an ERISA fiduciary and what responsibilities come...

Editor's Note

Rearranging Relationships

by Evan Simonoff

This month I had an interesting experience interviewing advisors about the problems of retirees living beyond their means...

Frontline News

No Need To Sweat The End Of 30-Year Bond Rally

by FA Staff

Historically low interest rates will someday rise and the 30-year bull market for bonds will eventually end, but a group of investment strategists who weighed in on a recent conference panel devoted...

RIA Merger Action Up (And Down) In ’12

by FA Staff

By at least one metric, mergers and acquisitions activity among registered investment advisors jumped last year.

fi360 Gears Up For Fiduciary Momentum

by Jeff Schlegel

When it comes to regulatory matters, the fiduciary standard of care issue has seemingly gone from hot potato status to a somnolent remnant of Dodd-Frank financial services reform legislation.

Commission-Free In U.K., Australia

by Jeff Schlegel

On January 1, all licensed financial advisors in the U.K. were required to adopt a fee-for-service model. And in July, the same will go for advisors in Australia...

Advisors Struggle To Serve Retiring Boomers

by Kathy Lynch

Many advisors lack the expertise to help retirement-income clients deal with Social Security or Medicare, in spite of the importance of these clients to their practices, says a new report.

American Century Best Of 20 Target-Date Funds, Says Bloomberg Ranking

by FA Staff

Investors seeking peace of mind from target-date funds for their retirement planning may find the biggest risk lies in choosing the money manager.

Letters to the Editor

Letters To the Editor - March Edition

by FA Staff

Collection of letters sent to our Editor from our monthly readers.