May 2013

Advisor Or CEO?

by Philip Palaveev

Choosing how to run your business is critical.

The King Of Starts

by Mary Rowland

Rick Higgins is a multimillionaire and software genius whose multiple start-up firms offering successful financial programs have allowed him to branch out.

A Live Connection

by Mitch Anthony

Keeping in touch with friends and family creates a happy retirement.

Bang For The Buck

by David Lawrence

These steps can help firms measure success.

Planning And Politics

by Karen DeMasters

Financial advisor Bill Kramer juggles roles as a financial advisor and Wisconsin lawmaker.

Part Way There

by Joel P. Bruckenstein

This annuity provider beats its competitors in delivering helpful technology to advisors, but it should do more.

Take It or Leave It

by Donald Jay Korn

Business-owner clients who want to sell and retire may have to accept today’s lowball bids or consider other options.

A New Game Plan

by Mark Hurley

As financial advice has grown from a cottage industry into a behemoth, small and midsize firms are trying to find their footing.

The Great Unknown

by Jeff Schlegel

Advisors ponder how to play the inevitable end of quantitative easing.

Trend Following

by Randall Mauro

Riding the waves to financial security.

Circle Of Empowerment

by Thomas Kostigen

Technology has driven interest in impact investments by raising their profile.

Slow Motion

by Marla Brill

Infrastructure funds have been slow to catch on, but Alpine’s entry has posted strong returns.

Fiduciary Matters

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Firms try to capture more 401(k) business as they await an important DOL ruling.

LTC Carriers Dumping Policyholders

by Ben Mattlin

LTC rates are soaring (especially for women). Why? And what can you do about it?

Taxes Ahead

by Eric L. Reiner

The new tax rules for trusts and estates could have been worse.

Marcus Welby Portfolio Construction

by Rob Brown

It has become standard practice for planners to shut clients out of investment policy making.

Advisor Emporium

Jackson Offers Online Educational Resources

Jackson National Life Insurance Company has launched two new online resources that are central to its educational strategy.

Editor's Note

Commodities: A Game-Changer

by Evan Simonoff

For the financial markets, the big news early in the second quarter was the collapse of gold, which was down 15% in just two days.

Frontline News

The Firing, Er, Transitioning Of Clients

by Jeff Schlegel

In a recent Pershing survey about financial advisors’ time management, advisors said they would fire an average of 13% of their clients.

Most Pensions Underfunded

by Jeff Schlegel

Ninety-four percent of U.S. corporate defined-benefit pension plans were underfunded in 2012, the same as the prior year.

A New Social Media Platform For Advisors

by Jeff Schlegel

Finect has rolled out a Web site for the financial services industry that it believes meets the professional and compliance needs of financial advisors in the social media era.

So, This Is How Used Car Salesmen Feel

by Jeff Schlegel

In a recent global survey that measured consumers’ trust in 18 major industries, financial services and its financial advisory/asset management sub-category finished last.

Youth Shall Be Served

According to Cogent Research, younger Americans are sharing more of the wealth.

CFP Board Publishes Competency Handbook

With 735 pages and 85 chapters from 22 contributors spanning practitioners and academia, the book covers the gamut of the financial planning profession.