June 2013

Redesigning Success

by Eric Rasmussen

The advisors at JMG Financial Group decided they had to tear up their organization and start over if they were going to have a future.

The Mysterious Magic Of Mergers

by Philip Palaveev

Hundreds are going on in the advisory business, but doing them successfully is a challenge.

Feathering An Advisory Nest

by Mary Rowland

Laura Schilling has opened a firm staffed with stay-at-home moms.

Why Clients Fire Advisors

by Roy Diliberto

Eight reasons clients look to change relationships.

Advisor's Daring To Be Different

by David Lawrence

Every advisor should consider niche strategies to differentiate himself.

Closing The Deal

by Mark Hurley

Acquisitions and mergers often fall apart because the business owners are inexperienced. The successful firms share certain traits.

Sharing The Wealth Using Equity Compensation

by Corey Rosen

Offering equity compensation in limited liability companies is easier than you might think.

About Face

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

In-person visits are still the best way to learn a client’s needs.

The End Game

by Jeff Schlegel

Advisors working with dying clients need both financial acumen and human compassion.

Anywhere, Anytime

by Joel Bruckenstein

Fidelity’s new virtual desktop allows advisors to access more applications than most others.

Gold Bulls And Bears Slug It Out

by Alan Lavine

Gold prices have fallen, and many investors are rethinking their allocations.

Bullet-Proofing Bond ETF Portfolios

by Marla Brill

Managers are using many strategies to protect against the prospect of rising interest rates.

Turbulent Waters

by Marla Brill

Strong stock picks have helped this fund beat the majority of its rivals.

Land, The Comeback

by Gail Liberman

Will U.S. real estate rebound in the long term?

Wake-Up Call

by Marie Swift

Tiburon Summit attendees comment on criticism from consumers.

Target The Freshmen

by Mark Just and Richard Hawk

It’s critical for financial advisors to build relationships with new lawmakers.

Advisor Emporium

Fidelity Expands ‘Engaging Female Clients’ Program

Fidelity Expands ‘Engaging Female Clients’ Program Fidelity Investments has developed workshops, white papers and a guidebook to help financial advisors better understand how they...

Editor's Note

Consolidation Is Happening

by Evan Simonoff

In next month’s issue, we’ll conduct our eighth annual RIA survey and you’ll get a picture of how much this profession is changing.

Frontline News

Advisor Headcount Forecast To Drop Through 2016

by Jeff Schlegel

Cerulli Associates says financial advisor headcount will decline through 2016 at a compound annual rate of 1.2%.

HighTower Eyes Incremental Growth In Route To IPO

HighTower Advisors expects its newly announced HighTower Network, its broker-dealer/custodian affiliate, to land its first several teams of advisors who will not be equity partners with the firm over...

The Rich Go Online

A recent survey conducted by LinkedIn and Cogent Research found that nearly 90% of the mass affluent––defined as people with investable assets between $100,000 and $1 million––are active...

Savant Joins eAdvisory Trend

by Jeff Schlegel

Savant Capital Management has launched an online platform designed to attract new clients around the U.S. and to serve them remotely with all of the services that existing clients get.

The Income Gap

According to a Legg Mason study, there’s a disconnect between investor expectations for income and market realities.

RIA M&A Activity Up

More M&A deals were completed in the first quarter, but total assets under management involved declined significantly.