September 2013

Big Ambitions

by Eric Rasmussen

Peter Raimondi and Banyan Partners

The Driver Of Future Behavior

by Gregg Fisher

Clients’ past investment performance will tell you a lot about their attitudes.

Is It Time To Buy Munis?

by Mary Rowland

This muni bond manager thinks the panic that caused a big selloff is mostly over.

Twists And Turns

by Mitch Anthony

Longevity, inflation, volatility and events are what retirees must navigate.

Making A Note Of It

by David Lawrence

Mobile transcription wins over voice recognition on ease of use.

The Troubling Sound Bite

by Donald B. Trone

Anyone choosing to be an advisor instead of a broker should not need an explanation of what the term ‘best interests’ means.

Victims Of Their Own Success

by Philip Palaveev

RIAs often find that their firms have become very expensive for internal successors to buy.

The Pied Piper

by Karen DeMasters

Darin Pastor led a bunch of advisors to independence last year. He has already doubled the size of his assets.

Debunking LTC Myths

by Ben Mattlin

The good news about the long-term-care insurance industry has been underreported.

All Things Equal

by Marla Brill

Alternative index ETFs with equal-cap weightings have attracted many fans, but others criticize their cost.

Developing Healthier Habits

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Companies from several sectors are stepping up efforts to improve health in developing countries.

Riding The Tide

by Marla Brill

Manager Michael Shinnick short sells in hopes of lowering volatility and improving returns.

4% Failure

by Rob Brown

Retirees should be withdrawing closer to 5% and allocating more to stocks.

Gimme Shelter

by Donald Jay Korn

With federal income taxes climbing, some clients may have an opportunity to trim their state levies.

The March To 529s

by Maureen Nevin Duffy

Lower costs are attracting more cash to 529 plans, but more of the money is coming direct from consumers.

Measuring Risk Tolerance

by Jeff Schlegel

Advisors use different methods to align client risk with the right portfolio.

Annuities Find Favor With More Advisors

by Bruce W. Fraser

More advisors are considering them, now that fewer clients have traditional pensions.

The Gathering Storm

by Mark Hurley

Profit margins on clients referred from custodians are going to be squeezed to a fraction of current levels.

Advisor Emporium

Sammons Retirement Solutions Enhances Offering

by FA Staff

Sammons Retirement Solutions Enhances Offering Sammons Retirement Solutions has added new investment options and fund managers to its LiveWell mutual fund IRA series and variable annuity...

Editor's Note

Who Are Your Assets?

by Evan Simonoff

An economist’s assets can be an accountant’s liability and vice versa. Take the odd nature of bank accounting, which has always intrigued me.

Frontline News

RIAs Going Organic

by FA Staff

M&A activity among RIAs stalled in this year’s first half, as more advisors sought internal rather than external growth.

Advisor Starts Over, Wants To Make An Impact

by Jeff Schlegel

Mark Stempel sold his advisory firm last, but relaunched it this year with a focus on impact investments.

Advisors’ Favorite Fund Companies

by FA Staff

According to Cogent, advisors judge mutual fund companies on more than just investment performance.

Wealth Managers Recoup Pre-Crisis Asset Levels

by FA Staff

In 2012, the U.S. wealth management industry finally caught up to the pre-financial crisis asset levels of 2007.

Who Will Purchase Your Clients?

by FA Staff

A majority of advisory firms still don’t have succession plans in place.

Total Global Alternative Assets Top $5 Trillion

by FA Staff

Pension funds and wealth managers are the biggest users of alternative investments.

4th Annual Alternative Investment Strategies Conference A Big Success

by FA Staff

Roughly 600 financial advisors and other attendees at the fourth annual Innovative Alternative Investment Strategies conference in Denver in July sat in on two days of sessions covering this...