July 2014

Focus On Growth

by Jeff Schlegel

RIAs are thriving, but they can’t rest on their laurels.

Fear Not The Robo-Advisor

by Mark Hurley

Fear Not The Robo-Advisor

A Failure To Communicate

by Deena Katz

The advisory business needs to regain the trust it’s lost in recent years. Here’s how.

Entering The Skills Age

by Mitch Anthony

The well-qualified are extending their working lives.

Rebalancing Made Easy

by David Lawrence

Three platforms help advisors with unique needs.

Home Sweet Anywhere

by Eleanor O'Sullivan

An advisor helps these clients sell their home so they can live in various places around the world.

Advisor Aggravation

by Joel Bruckenstein

New competitors like Quovo may relieve the pain from account aggregation.

Dividends Arrive (Again)

by Eric Rasmussen

After some first-quarter outflows, their popularity was quickly revived.

Making Sense Of Smart Beta

by Marla Brill

Many ETF providers are using nontraditional criteria to build portfolios.

Climate Shift

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Investors are pressing for increasing information about the financial aspects of climate change.

The Case For Mid-Caps

by Marla Brill

Manager Don Wordell says industrials, energy and health care should benefit from an expanding economy.

LTC Options

by Ben Mattlin

In many cases, life insurance with long-term-care benefits makes sense.

Toward Better Decisions

by Thom Allison

What is your job as a financial planner?

Hard Times, Hard Assets

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Jim Grant believes the economic environment and the Fed’s remedies demand a look into alternatives.

Advisor Emporium

Lincoln Financial Enhances LifeReserve Offering

by FA Staff

Lincoln Financial Group has made enhancements to its LifeReserve Indexed Universal Life Accumulator insurance offering, designed to help advisors address a range of client objectives and risk...

Editor's Note

Is Hubris A Threat?

by Evan Simonoff

Six years ago, a leading consultant to the advisory business told me that every major metropolitan market in the nation was about to host at least one RIA firm with $1 billion in assets or more.

Frontline News

KPIs For FAs

by Jeff Schlegel

Key performance indicators are a useful management tool for financial advisory practices––if they’re done right.

Fatca Is Finally Here

by FA Staff

After two delays and much angst, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act finally takes effect on July 1.

New ESG Tool For Advisors

by Jeff Schlegel

A recently launched online portal can help advisors manage portfolios for investors attuned to environmental, social and governance factors.

Fun And Games

by Jeff Schlegel

Gamification, or applying game-like feature to non-game environments, is a growing trend in the financial services business.

Father And Son Create Retirement Plans For Native Americans

by Karen DeMasters

Larry Jones and his son, Taylor, work with American Indian tribes in Southern California.

New Services Help Value Infrequently Traded Muni Bonds

by Maureen Nevin Duffy

Financial advisors will get a clearer picture about pricing data of munis.