September 2014

Checking Egos At The Door

by Eric Rasmussen

Here's how a modern firm merged, kept its big staff and dealt with the threat of going gray.

Now Is A Tough Time To Retire

by Wade D. Pfau

Low interest rates and high stock valuations make retiring difficult no matter what the strategy.

Communication Dynamics

by Deena Katz

Different clients require different ways of talking and listening.

Getting Ahead

by Mitch Anthony

Instead, strive to be debt-free, and enjoy the life you’ve made.

Making Life Easier

by David Lawrence

New players have powerful offerings to take work off your hands.

How To Prompt Referrals

by Russ Alan Prince and Brett Van Bortel

Advisors should provide indirect incentives to professionals from whom they’d like referrals.

Why Advisory Firms Need ‘Real’ CEOs

by Philip Palaveev

A leader makes difficult decisions that support the firm’s long-term strategy.

Worth The Wait

by Joel Bruckenstein

Junxure Cloud is reasonably priced for the system’s capabilities.

Fast Forward

by Marla Brill

By later this year, a slew of nontransparent ETFs may be introduced.

Emerging Markets Rebounding

by Alan Lavine

Portfolio managers are combing the world looking for bargains.

Feeding A Healthier Economy

by Jeff Schlegel

The Slow Money Alliance provides capital it hopes will change the way people think about food, investing and the planet.

Inflation Preparation

by Marla Brill

Charles Bobrinskoy has positioned his fund to benefit when inflation heats up.

Income Riders

by Ben Mattlin

Is the popular annuity feature a good deal or an overpriced promise?

Tackling Diploma Debt

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Leading both parents and kids in student loan repayment strategies can improve everyone’s financial future.

Improving The Grade

by Cathy Seeber

Our schools are failing when it comes to financial literacy.

Advisors Fail To Plan For Their Own Retirement

by FA Staff

Financial advisors are being forced to work beyond the average retirement age because of a lack of planning, a money manager says.

Advisor Emporium

Whitebox Offers Three Mutual Funds

by FA Staff

Whitebox Advisors, a Minneapolis, Minn...

Editor's Note

Stop The World

by Evan Simonoff

How does the oblivious behavior of the financial markets square with the spread of disease and anarchy portrayed continuously on the nightly news and other vehicles that could be named “60...

Frontline News

Monetta Funds Aren’t Just For Adults

by Jeff Schlegel

This family-run, no-load fund shop devotes considerable energy to advance the cause of financial literacy for kids.

Protecting The Family Fortune

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Advisors are on the frontline to prevent family fortunes from unravelling due to divorce, death, a lawsuit or trouble with creditors.

Advisors Feel Need To Justify Fees, Survey Finds

by FA Staff

Seventy-four percent of advisors want more resources to help communicate their value to clients, as many feel the need to justify their fees, says Russell Investments.

Wilshire Rolls Out Two Liquid Alts Indexes

by FA Staff

Wilshire Associates Inc. has launched two liquid alternative investment indexes to address this growing market.

Many People Underutilize Social Security Benefits

by Karen DeMasters

A typical American couple may be leaving up to $250,000 on the table in Social Security earnings due to a lack of knowledge about when to take benefits.

Alts Conference Hits Record Attendance


More than 700 attendees––a record amount in the event’s fifth year––came to Denver in late July/early August to hear about alternative investments and impact investing.