December 2014

The Specialist

by Jeff Schlegel

Michelle Smith has built a firm based on her divorce specialty practice, and she’s taking that template to other advisors.

Books Of The Year 2014

by Nick Murray

The year brought a rich and diverse harvest for thoughtful advisors.

Acknowledge The Elephant

by Deena Katz

Contact clients when the market drops significantly, and be prepared with what to say.

Building A Winning Team

by Roy Diliberto

Hire the right people, treat them with respect and involve them in decision-making.

New Tools For Efficiency

by David Lawrence

With so many technology choices, advisors need a specific checklist to evaluate them.

A-Player Admin Manager

by Bill Bachrach

You will need one whom you trust to help you build the best possible advisory firm.

Personality Matters

by Russ Alan Prince and Brett Van Bortel

Customize your message about market volatility to wealthy clients.

No Lone Wolves

by Dan Jamieson

Making a good transition means making a good team, says David Grau.

Custodians Serving Up Advisor Tools

by Joel Bruckenstein

They are continuing a relentless drive to automate routine tasks.

MLPs In Play

by Eric L. Reiner

Master limited partnerships’ high yields and promising growth prospects come with tax quirks.

Another Solution To Low Rates

by Marla Brill

Multi-asset-income ETFs generate high yields by investing across a number of asset classes.

Managers Using More OTC Derivatives

by Greg Bresiger

The contracts that some blamed for the 2008 financial crisis are now more transparent, proponents say.

Keeping Things Flexible

by Marla Brill

The managers’ ability to have wide latitude in stock and bond allocations has helped this fund handily outperform its peers.

4 Questions To Avoid Buying Baloney

by Mark Hurley

Ask these questions when a buyer offers stock for your business.

Liquid Lowdown

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

With liquid alts, careful selection and investor education are a must.

Taming The Markets

by FA Staff

Liquid alternative investments are increasingly becoming the answer for investors who want to achieve greater diversification, reduce volatility, preserve capital and generate income...

Advisor Emporium

3D Asset Management Launches WealthConductor

by FA Staff

East Hartford, Conn.-based 3D Asset Management has developed a new retirement income-planning program for advisors called WealthConductor.

Editor's Note

What Went Wrong?

by Evan Simonoff

Some day, when the association for associations, dubbed the American Society of Association Executives, holds its annual conference and decides to do a session on how not to implement a merger, the...

Frontline News

David Tittsworth Retires From The IAA

by Jeff Schlegel

The long-time chief of the Investment Adviser Association is stepping aside after 18 years as a lobbying voice in Washington, D.C.

Trizic Lets FAs Go Robo Without Being Robo

by Jeff Schlegel

Trizic’s technology gives advisors a digital presence while remaining part of their clients’ lives.

New Index Focuses On Financial Disruptors

by Jeff Schlegel

The Liberum AltFi Financial Disruptors Index (LAFDI), comprising companies viewed as financial services' disruptors, is searching for an ETF partner.

The Big Get Bigger In RIA Space

by FA Staff

The majority of investment advisor firms are smallish operators; but the majority of assets reside with the top 1% of advisors.

Advisor Credits Social Media With 40% Annual AUM Growth

by William Conroy

The founder and president of New York-based Heron Financial Group says before going hard on social media, Heron was growing at a rate of about 6 percent to 8 percent a year.

Schwab On Robots, Recruiting, Regulation And The Election

by Dan Jamieson

At the Schwab Impact conference in Denver, Bernie Clark discusses Schwab's robo platform and how the company wants to interrupt the advisor flow to the B-D channel.