October 2016

You Can’t Put A Price On Culture


A youthful, collegial culture has become a magnet for advisors wanting to join up with EP Wealth Advisors.

Building A Specialty Business Within A Wealth Manager


Wetherby Asset Management is trying to integrate client values into its investing.

Complex And Deeply Rewarding Transitions


The way to work with business owners in transition is to cultivate them long before it happens.

High-Net-Worth Psychology Helps Identify Areas Of Focus

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It also lets advisors estimate returns on clients’ time demands.

Believe Me


The outlook for taxing the wealthy is fair to beautiful, if we can take the candidates at their word.

Keep Plugging In


As the pace of change accelerates, big broker-dealers must respond to technology challenges by committing more significant resources.

No Boom Yet For These Babies


Baby bonds are one of the most compelling sources of low-risk income that most advisors haven’t heard about.

For This Firm, Loans Are Where The Action Is


RSF Social Finance focuses on providing loans that improve the environment, education and nutrition.

Benefiting From Bad News Bargains


The Tocqueville International Value Fund is laden with hard-luck stories.

Tax Tips To Close 2016


Savvy strategies and shrewd planning can benefit clients.

Reverse Mortgages Ain’t All That Great


They might have improved, but their expensive debt is no free lunch.

Advisor Emporium

Schwab Aims Low With New Target Date Fund Suite


Schwab Aims Low With New Target Date Fund Suite Charles Schwab Investment Management has launched a third suite of target-date funds using ETFs to create a retirement glide path for...

Editor's Note

Post-Berlin Wall Era Ends


Eyes around the world will be riveted on the U.S. election in November, but one might want to keep a close eye Italy they will vote on their own Brexit.

Frontline News

God Is Advisors’ Co-Pilot With New Certified Kingdom Advisor Designation


The designation helps identify financial planners offering biblically sound advice.

2016 M&A Activity For RIAs On Record Pace


This year is on track to set a record for RIA mergers and acquisitions, according to Schwab Advisor Services.

FlexShares Takes Sustainable Investing Mainstream


The company sees its two new impact investing-related funds as core portfolio holdings.

Rock ’n’ Roll And Taxes Connect One Advisor’s Clients


Financial advisor Daniel Smith uses familiar music references to relate to his baby boomer clients.