Alternative Investments

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Are SMAs Appetizing For 401(k) plans?

by Sydney LeBlanc

401(k) plan sponsors now can serve them up on their investment menu.

Black Gold Still Glittering

by Marla Brill

Manager thinks oil prices and energy stocks look ready for further gains.

Saucer Eyes And Goose Eggs

by Eric L. Reiner

Small private business investments offer potential profits and perils for both clients and advisors.

Ground Floor Heats Up

by Marla Brill

Private equity and IPOs are staging a huge comeback. But should advisors jump in?

Catching Wind With Short Sails


Are new strategies from long-short managers more sophisticated, or just riskier?

Asset Allocation And Investor Goals

by Eileen Cohen and William H. Overgard

What we've learned about portfolio construction from the first decade of hedge funds.

Theme Reversal Or Head Fake?

by Marla Brill

ICON International Equity Fund manager eyes a move toward defensive industries.

A Hybrid Approach

by Bruce W. Fraser

Structured products can round out a portfolio, but they are complicated and potentially risky.

Inside Mellon

Private banking isn't always what you think.

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