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A Closer Look

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

Calvert's sustainability analyst explains what was considered in ranking homebuilders in its latest report on the business.

Decent Returns With Safety

by Ellie Winninghoff

This fixed-income fund offers a way for advisors to invest in community development projects like affordable housing, wind farms and food banks.

Brokerages To Tell IRS What Investors Paid For Stocks

Investors who forget what they paid for shares of stock will get help starting next year, courtesy of the IRS.

London Property Leads World, Attracting Global Investors

London's commercial property market will probably draw the most investment for the second consecutive year as prospects of rising rental income attract cash from far afield.

Morningstar Introduces REIT Ratings


Morningstar now is providing credit ratings for real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Nontraded REITs Recovery A Mixed Bag


Money flowing into nontraded REITs slowed in the recent quarter but is ahead of last year's pace, according to recent data.

Fewer U.S. Homes 'Underwater' As Foreclosures Mount

The number of U.S. homes worth less than the debt owed on them dropped in the third quarter, largely because of mounting foreclosures rather, according to CoreLogic Inc.

Homebuilders Greener--But Not Green Enough

by Jerilyn Klein Bier

A major new Calvert study identifies which public companies have made the most strides in building greener and cleaner homes.

Toll CEO: Worst U.S. Home Sale Woes Are Over

The worst is over for the U.S. housing market and a rebound will gain momentum in 2012, according to Douglas Yearley, chief executive officer of Toll Brothers Inc.

Prowling For Deals

by Jed Horowitz

Investors are piling into distressed real estate, but finding good fund managers is critical and not easy.

Advisor Emporium

Advisor Emporium

Muni Issuers May Face Default 'Crunch'

Muni-bond issuers may face more failures in 2011 as federal economic-stimulus aid declines and budget pressures jeopardize debt payments, says a distressed debt newsletter publisher.

PNC Owns Empty House, Buyer Sits In Motel

A growing number of would-be home buyers are struggling to close deals even with solid banks like PNC--a sign that the foreclosure documentation mess is dragging on the market.

Former Advisor Turns Himself In


A former financial advisor charged with defrauding churchgoers of millions by spending the money they gave him to invest in REITs surrendered to the FBI this week.

Property Sales Get 'Cash for Clunkers' Boost From Tax Uncertainty

Longtime U.S. property owners are testing the sales market amid uncertainty over the status of the Bush-era tax cuts, setting the stage for a surge in transactions followed by a decline.

Commercial Property Deals To Climb Up To 40%, Broker Says

U.S. commercial property transactions will increase as much as 40% in 2011 from this year as the economy expands, according to Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.

Shifting Assets Requires Some Deft Moves

Transferring assets to your children in order to qualify for government benefits is a fairly standard practice these days, but the move can cause problems if it's not done properly.

REITs On Fire In 2010


Real estate investment trusts have been on a tear this year with leading REIT indexes trouncing equities, according to NAREIT.

Fraud Claims Threaten Florida Foreclosure Wave

Home to more foreclosures than 47 U.S. states, Florida sought to clear out its backlog with a system of special court hearings that dispensed with cases quickly, sometimes in less than a minute.

Comeback Kids

by Marla Brill

REIT ETFs have staged a strong rebound after a nearly two-year drubbing of real estate stocks that drove prices down by as much as 60%.

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