You know you live in a tony town when you make $500,000 a year and you’re below average. Such is life in Atherton, Calif., a Bay Area city with the highest average household income in the U.S.

It’s the only burgh that exceeds the half-million mark, according to the latest version of Bloomberg’s annual Richest Places index. Bloomberg says Atherton is the first and only community to hit that prodigious income level since it began compiling its index in 2017, and it has occupied the top spot all four years.

Bloomberg analyzed U.S. Census data to produce its list of the country’s 50 richest places in the U.S. “Places” are defined as having at least 2,000 households and roughly 6,280 places met the criteria to be ranked. Darnerstown, Md., brought up the rear in this index (if you can call it that) at number 50 with an average household income of $262,988.

This piece focuses on the top-10 richest places, which are listed below, along with their average incomes, in ascending order.

10. Darien, Conn. 


Beach clubs and yacht clubs make for a busy waterfront scene in this city of roughly 21,000 on Connecticut’s wealthy “Gold Coast” along Long Island Sound. Southwest Connecticut is home to a number of hedge funds and other asset managers, and many people commute to high-powered/high-paying jobs in nearby Manhattan.