How many times have you begun a new year with a great expectation of what the year will bring in terms of success only to have plans, hopes and dreams dashed at the first sign of negativity?

Why do we take on a throwaway remark directed towards us or feel crushed when we make a mistake?

I for one spent my teens crippled by being oversensitive, blushing at just about everything and feeling pretty incompetent. I wouldn’t go so far as to say I had a negative bias, but I certainly “heard” the could-do-better comments in school reports or staff reviews, rather than the greater number of “well done” comments.

Discovering A…Discovery
So, what turned me around and why do I begin 2020 with Grand Plans?

It’s actually quite simple: I completed the DNA Natural Discovery process. In just the 10 minutes it took to complete the questionnaire I was able to read about the unique me. It served as a light-bulb moment.

I then began to understand not just myself, but the people who made me feel self-negativity. I’m good with people. I see ways to encourage them. I set and accomplish goals. I’m innovative, spontaneous, yet analytical, reserved and guarded.

It then didn’t take much of a leap to understand the behaviors of others that put me into a crushed mode.

Others whose behavior manifests in being very outspoken and outgoing or take charge and fast-paced challenge me. They don’t mean too, its just their natural behavioral style.

My light-bulb moment was not so much knowing who I am; I think I inherently knew my qualities. The revelation, if you will, was understanding how to manage the differences between myself and others’ behavior. That was what took me to the place of confidence, resistance, determination and optimism in knowing who I am and what my contribution to the world is.

Knowing The Course Ahead
As I make my grand plans for 2020, I know to ensure they line up with my gifts; what I can and can’t achieve. I know the importance for me in taking small steps toward my grand plan. I know I need time to research and think through before investing time and other resources in my grand plan. I know the value of building time out to reflect on the small steps I will take toward my grand plans.

But, perhaps more importantly, I now know me. I understand my inherent behavior. I recognize when faced with a different set of behaviors how best to navigate those differences and to manage relationships that would otherwise have me running for my negative corner.

I now know that as a people person I can even invest my skills in others so they can see the impact of their behavior on me. That way, it helps me better help them in our work together and helps them better themselves in other interactions as well. They can come to understand the importance of gaining knowledge for themselves in how to manage the behavioral differences we humans have that makes us all so unique.

Take a look at my Work Talents Report below, and consider what your own might look like. (Further, think of having your report alongside the report of a collaborator. What power you would have in making the most of the collaboration for you both!)


Your Best Year Ever
I trust 2020 for you will begin with Grand Plans and hope that you are open to invest just 10 minutes into understanding your behavioral style. With this knowledge and insight, I believe no form of negativity or different behavioral styles will cause you to fail in delivering your best year ever.

Carol Pocklington is chief insights accelerator at DNA Behavior, with offices in Atlanta, Ga. DNA Behavior International is a human performance acceleration business which uses a proprietary “behavior tech” platform to help advisors know, engage and grow all their employees and clients to deliver customized experiences.