Bill Uliveri

FintekNews is pleased to offer our weekly feature column “3 Questions With”. Each week, we feature a thought leader within a unique sector of fintech and ask them to answer just 3 questions for our audience in their vernacular. This week, we’d like to reintroduce you to a friend we've featured in the past, but now in a new capacity - Bill Uliveri, CEO of digital currency mining firm Mining Rig Solutions and owner of Chicago-area RIA Cenacle Capital Management.


Bill Ulivieri




Mining Rig Solutions, LLC


What does your firm do/offer within the fintech sector?

Mining Rig Solutions, LLC is looking to partner with HNW individuals, family office and hedge funds seeking a turn-key solution in the alt-currency space. Owning a portfolio of cryptocurrencies, investing in startups or ICO’s is a highly speculative endeavor with a 95% failure rate. We’re coin agnostic and believe there is a place for conservative investors who are naturally attracted to commercial operations. This is because the ROI structure is similar to income producing properties or generating daily income “theta” on a portfolio of covered call options.

What is your role within your firm and what do you do there on any given day?

I’ve been in the financial services industry since 1980 and see my role as CEO as one looking to leverage relationships by continually networking with others excited about alt-coins. 30 years of being a riskless arbitrage trader taught me there are more elegant ways to invest in a volatile marketplace. Let the young guys scalp crypto at 3am in the morning. My role is to communicate an investment opportunity to a mature, somewhat passive investor.

What area/s of fintech do you believe will grow the most in the coming 5 years & who do you feel is leading this disruption?

“What the mind can conceive and believe; it can achieve”. There isn’t one industry that comes to mind, that will not be utterly disrupted by distributed ledger technology. Outbound dividend micropayments to shareholders, proxy voting on smartphones, and T+ 10 minute settlements. Small scale mining will transform 501c(3)’s as the new donor, and will monetize vacant commercial real estate. Common stock shareholders are richly rewarded as the 40 broad S&P 500 sectors reduce friction and increase profit efficiency.

As far as the fintech disrupters I admire most, they include Caitlin Long, President of, Sandra Ro and Rumi Morales of CME Ventures, Chris Burnske of Ark Investment Management, and of course Andreas M. Antonopoulos. They provide a crisp, clear, intelligent perspective on disruptive technology.


Bill Uliveri is a founding member of The Options Alliance, an association of financial entrepreneurs. He is also owner of Cenacle Capital Management, LLC ( a “fee only” independent registered investment advisor, and CEO of Mining Rig Solutions, LLC.