When he was unsure about which family members and friends should receive an item, he laid out criteria for what he would like to see happen to some valuable but potentially orphaned items, including a 100-year-old violin and a John Dobson telescope.

Mr. H thought a few family members might claim the violin even though none of them played it or had children who did. So “to avoid conflict” and because he wanted it to be played, he directed that it should go to the musician daughter of a childhood friend. He hoped she would either play it or pass it on to a musician or music teacher that would.

The 7-foot telescope signed by Dobson, arguably the world’s most famous amateur astronomer, was valuable. Mr. H preferred that it go to a person or institution that would use it for public viewings. He described the enjoyment he had using the telescope in public.

In his words, “All you need to do is go to a corner on a clear night and yell, ‘Come look at the moon!’ People will line up when they discover it’s free. They’ll bring their kids. And, time and time again, you get the wonderful thrill of having someone who’s never looked through a telescope to exclaim, ‘WOW!!!’ Show them that the stars have different colors, and Betelgeuse, the star in the upper left corner of Orion, is a red giant and is so large that if it were where the sun is located, we would be inside it!”

“Wow” is right. What a beautiful depiction of a man’s love for the sharing of discovery, wonder and amazement.

He went on to describe what he wanted donated to charity and laid out the prioritization for any items not specifically discussed. He wanted such things to go first to family, and then be offered to friends, but he made it clear that the trustees should not make any heroic efforts to find anyone. If more than one family member wanted an item, it was to go to people in this order:

• To those who needed it

• To those who could use it or wanted it for sentimental or even “whimsical” purposes

•  To those who requested the item first

What’s left could go to friends.