Working with exceptionally affluent clients can pose enough challenges that the lack of support for the professionals dedicated to the high end of the market seems like a cruel irony. To date, no resource has consistently delivered insights on the super-rich, technical expertise from experienced specialists and case studies from real practitioners to help advisors evolve their businesses.

We recognize the skill and dedication it takes to cultivate a truly elite client base and are committed to delivering a publication built around the information and data that has been inaccessible to private wealth advisors. To do so, we have assembled an exceptional group of contributing editors from across the industry. By relying on the experts - advanced planning specialists, tax attorneys, concierges, family office directors, estate planners, executive coaches, business managers, accountants, private security specialists and researchers, among them - we'll be able to provide first-hand accounts of success with the ultra-high-net-worth, with an emphasis on technical details and state-of-the-art strategies.

Our ongoing work with the families that control significant global resources and their advisors has helped us identify the areas that, with mastery, can help a provider become more effective. They are investments, estate planning, wealth protection, lifestyle services, business development, insurance and research, and collectively these subjects will be the basis of each issue. There will also be in-depth features on a range of relevant topics such as philanthropy, collectibles and business succession, and finally, regular dialogue with industry leaders.

A fundamental principle shaping our efforts is that you must understand the very wealthy - not just who they are, but also their goals, motivations, biases, behaviors, priorities, concerns, influencers and preferences, in order to reach them and earn their business. To arm our readers with the most timely information on the affluent market we have entered a long-term arrangement with Prince & Associates Inc., the leading high-net-worth research firm. The president, Russ Alan Prince, serves as the Editor, and he will design and conduct a series of proprietary studies that will be reported in each issue.

Simply put, the goal was to create something exclusive and different for a business that, by its very nature, is both exclusive and different. And so you hold in your hands the culmination of many years of thought, many months of planning and many hours of effort on the part of many smart people-the first and only magazine for the professionals that advise the exceptionally affluent, Private Wealth.