If you have to choose what the most effective sales technique is, would you pick face-to-face meetings, e-mail or phone calls?  Most would pick face-to-face meetings. That is because the human element to selling is so important. The tone, facial expressions and hand gestures all contribute to successful communications, which help develop relationships, which lead to more sales. 

A smile can create a rapport in a way that words cannot.  Emoticons are not the same.  Scientific studies have shown that certain facial expressions can lead to increased trust and they can create a stronger connection.

The one problem: We cannot always get in front of the people we want to communicate with, but videos can be the next best thing.  All these benefits of face-to-face communications are the foundation for the future success of a new marketing tool: Personalized Video E-mails.

To date, many people have not yet received a personalized video e-mail, because of a couple reasons. For one, sending videos can be clunky. They can take a long time to upload, send, download and they can take up a lot of data, which can irritate mobile users. Another reason is most videos shared today are for the public. They are uploaded on YouTube and are for the world to see. They are not personalized.

But now the technology is available to get over these two issues.  Byrnes Consulting has partnered with BombBomb to bring personalized videos to the financial services industry.

Reasons Personalized Video E-mails Should Be Added To Everyone’s Communications Strategy

• They can make emotional connections, not just rational connections.

• They can speed up a communication, as sometimes it is easier to talk than type.

• They can simplify messages making sure they are not misunderstood, where sometimes text-only communications fail.

• They can (and should) be customized to the recipient, as they can be more effective than blast emails.

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