Relations between advisors and their clients remain strong and robust despite the volatile market, according to a new survey.

The survey found that advisors' contacts with clients are on the rise and that they're busy helping clients invest and rebalance portfolios.

Advisors also had a bright outlook: They overwhelmingly foresaw an increase in clients and an improved market over the next year.

The survey, commissioned by John Hancock Funds, got responses from 300 top-producing advisors-42% of whom were independent broker-dealers and 38% from wirehouses.

"Our survey findings reflect a deeper connection between advisors and their clients than what has been portrayed in many media accounts," said Keith F. Harstein, president and CEO of John Hancock Funds. "Advisors take their relationships with clients very personally and are responding appropriately to their clients' most pressing concerns."

Among the survey's findings:

91% of advisors said market volatility was one of their clients' top three concerns this year, along with 401(k) balances and taxes.

Nearly 46% of advisors said their clients still have a "healthy" attitude despite the financial and economic difficulties.

65% of advisors said their client contact has gone up substantially since last fall's market collapse.

About 46% of advisors said they expect the markets to improve this year, while 40% expect improvement in 2010. More than 89% of advisors said they expect their businesses to improve over the next year.