Genworth Enhances Investment Management Platform
Genworth Financial Wealth Management is enhancing its investment management platform to help advisors through the current challenging market, and is adding portfolio and investment strategies to provide advisors with more choices.

Among other things, the firm has more clearly defined its four asset allocation options. These include its tactical unconstrained asset allocation, which removes the limits on the extent and frequency of allocation shifts, allowing portfolio strategists to move aggressively.

Genworth is adding Stadion Money Management and Rochdale Investment Management to this platform.

The second allocation option, the absolute return asset allocation, is designed for more risk-averse investors. For this approach, Genworth is adding new absolute return strategists from Genworth Financial Asset Management, J.P. Morgan and Avatar Associates.

The other two options are the strategic asset allocation-a mix of stocks, bonds and cash-and the tactical constrained asset allocation, which captures a broad market exposure in short-to-intermediate term investments.

Genworth is also expanding its manager select program, which allows advisors to access more focused investment management firms, and Genworth is furthermore enhancing its administrative and cash account choices, allowing advisors to phase securities and cash positions into or out of a managed account program on a temporary basis.

The changes are being made in part to respond to bull and bear cycles that may last for years, rather than to the short-term swings the market has experienced in the past, says Gurinder Ahluwalia, co-chairman of Genworth Financial Wealth Management.

Quantuvis Launches Best Practices Study
Quantuvis Consulting is introducing a best practices study series free to financial advisors in a format that allows them to compare their performance to personal goals and to that of industry peers. Advisors will be able to make immediate improvements to their practices based on the results.

Advisors can participate by visiting and clicking on "participate now." The first study, due in September, will focus on business performance. Future studies will focus on business development, human capital and operations optimization.

National Financial ffers More Efficiency
National Financial, a provider of clearing, custody and brokerage solutions for broker-dealers, is introducing two programs designed to help save time and money.

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