Invesco Aim Launches Balanced-Risk Fund
Invesco Aim, an independent global investment management company based in Houston, is launching the AIM Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund to help protect investors in the current unstable market conditions.

The fund will use a proprietary risk management strategy with the potential to generate returns in any economic environment. It is designed to provide a healthy balance by actively investing in equities, government bonds and commodities. The weights of each asset class are set to contribute a similar amount of risk to the overall portfolio.

"The typical balanced portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds does poorly in recessions and inflationary environments," says Scott Wolle, chief investment officer for Invesco's global asset allocation group, who will manage the new fund. The balance-risk fund is designed to take those factors into account.

Relative to traditional balanced portfolios for individual investors, AIM Balanced-Risk Allocation Fund is designed to provide greater capital loss protection during down markets through its proprietary long-only, investment process. The fund will invest in derivatives and other financially linked instruments to provide leveraged exposure to certain U.S. and international equity markets, fixed-income instruments and commodity markets.

"Balancing risk, along with a disciplined rebalancing process, are our guiding principles behind the asset mix in an effective portfolio," Wolle adds. A version of the Balanced-Risk Fund strategy has been used for institutional clients since 2001. Additional information can be found at

Meanwhile, Invesco PowerShares Capital Management LLC has closed 19 of its exchange-traded funds. The PowerShares product line includes 135 portfolios with assets of $25.8 billion, and the ETFs being closed represent less than 1% of PowerShares' total assets. The firm has closed these particular funds because they have not gained traction with investors.

Pershing Expands Its Managed Accounts
Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, is expanding its suite of separately managed account solutions for independent registered investment advisors and advisors in transition.

The new services include the flexibility to add new money managers to accommodate business growth or changes. Pershing will also streamline the administrative aspects of transitioning and offer Web-based account tracking and maintenance tools, consolidated quarterly and on-demand performance reporting, and fee billing and payment services.

Tenant Group Renames Itself
The Tenant-In-Common Association is changing its name to the Real Estate Investment Securities Association (REISA) and creating a new Web site to go with the new brand name.

The association developed the new identity to reflect the broadened scope of its membership and activities. Professional members include those who are involved in all facets of securitized real estate, such as private non-traded real estate investment trusts, partnerships, real estate mutual funds, oil and gas, real estate-based energy offerings and natural resource offerings. Additional information on the organization and its products can be found at

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